Reviewed  10 March 2015, last visited 1 March 2015,  friends and family

See: the window display with tempting cold cuts, cheese, salads, fresh baked bread; the cute interior design of this small attractive place

Smell: of fresh esresso

Taste: porchetta, asiago, whole-wheat fresh baked, Italian wine, coffee

Experience: the choice of enjoying the food on spot with a bottle of wine with friends or buying for home


On the 1 March, when everybody is meeting friends exchanging the traditional for Bulgaria Martenitsa, celebrating the upcoming spring, we were trying to find a place with my 3 best friends to sit, have a pleasant chat, have lunch and drink coffee. All restaurants and bistros were packed with people, wishing to do the same as us. We were strolling down the streets losing hope to find vacant places with every bistro passed by. Then we noticed Bocconcino Panini e Vino, inviting us to pay a call with its neat tents and its pelargonium pot on the wall. We did not hesitate and rushed inside.

To our surprise it was extremely cute small place, a combination between a shop and a restaurant, offering deliciously looking Italian cold cuts, cheese, panini, sweets, coffee, wine – all that we could hope for a nice dining. Maybe because people are not aware so much of its existence, we were lucky to find our final stop there.

We ordered slices of porchetta, prosciutto cotto, nobile gentile, asiago cheese, cherry tomatoes, fresh baked bread and Prosecco, which were served on a wooden tray. Such a delight! We could not resist the mascarpone cake balanced with a cup of ristretto coffee for a final chord. I bought also some for home, couldn’t help.

We were so happy to find Bocconcino (means a small bite in Italian) and are looking forward to meeting together there for another small bite, sip and chat.

Address: 8 Angel Kantchev

Open: 08:00-23:00

Tel: 088 679 0070



20150301_163623  20150301_150940  20150301_150922 20150301_151055


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