chocolate dessert at Rose by


Last time visited in May 2015 with friends

Read the Bulgarian language version and more reviews at

See…the big wall with the floral pattern, the flying swans under the ceiling

Smell… good smelling food

Taste… cuisine for extraordinary taste

Experience… the amazing memorizing skills of one of the waiters; dining on high chairs and tables

Hear… the live jazz, soul and other kind of live music in Friday and Saturday nights

Rose was opened recently in the center of Sofia, close to the theaters, ministries, banks and some of the most visited in the summer open bars. A very good location choice. Unfortunately it has no garden, so in the summer it will not be so much preferred.

I believe the owners of the place were designing it with a romantic flair. You can see flying swans dummies under the high ceilings and very interesting big white chandeliers corresponding with the swans accompanied by a big floral wall.

The plating of the dishes is very impressive and beautiful. It is really a sight pleasure. The meal is with a touch of gourmet- interesting ideas and small portions. But somehow all those elements did not make a complete piece of art. My expectations for the meal were not met.  The savory carrot salad with mint and dried berries tasted like a desert. There was just one straight taste of sweet, nothing else like a little sour or salt, so I couldn’t finish it. Then I experimented with blini with gel of cheese. The idea of naming something in the plate ‘gel’ sounded a little strange but I decided to give it a try. Well, it was quite minimalist  portion of seeral 1 dollar pieces of pancakes with some cheese popped on and I could not feel any inspiration tasting it. The gel was missing fortunately.

I gave a chance to one of the main dishes- pappardelle with veal and porcini (boletus mushroom). Well, good but not enough for gourmet intentions, since the veal was a little stringy. I tasted also pork terrine which smelled much of garlic and was looking good. It tasted much better. I ended with a chocolate dessert, named delice, which was ok but not WOW.

The live music was good but a little too loud for dining environment. Dining on a high table and chair was closer to a discomfort then to making me feel easy and relaxed. On the other hand, I noticed that the other part of the place, which was meant for a bar, where the musicians were situated, the tables and chairs were normal. From my personal experience I know that high chairs predispose good party with dances and the normal ones are more appropriate for dining. Maybe this is some kind of provocation to the customers.

The place was good but far from perfect. I would visit it again to give a chance to other dishes… and to test once again the waiter if he can memorize long orders. The guy really demonstrated perfect memory. Despite he never used a pen to put down our chaotic order he executed it accurately.

Rose is an interesting place which needs a little improvement. I would recommend to anybody willing to experiment but not to those who prefer to keep to strait delicious food. If you ask me if it offers gourmet- you can investigate this case by yourself.

Here is the site: but the link is broken

Try this:

Address:  Sofia, 3 Ivan Vazov str.

Tel: 089 966 6633

Sweet carrot salad at Rose by


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