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Last time visited in June 2015 in a couple

Read the Bulgarian language version (under category BG) and more reviews at

See… one of best parts of the urban scenery around the restaurant; impressive interior

Smell… the scents of Asian sauces, herbs, delicious dishes

Taste… different type of sushi (check the Tarantula set with soft shell crab), classic and very delicious Crispy Duck and Peking Duck

Feel and Experience… the thick and soft carpet on the floor; good service, the perfect Bulgarian of an Asian lady from the staff, better than many folks’ native speaking skills

Hear… unobtrusive music matching perfectly the interior

I was very disappointed when the owner of Happy restaurants took the decision to close the old SASA. That’s why I was truly excited when I understood that SASA was reopened and at one of the best city spots, just across from the Parliament in Radisson hotel.

I called to book a table and spoke with a young lady which had a slight Asian accent but with perfect communicative skills. She even pronounced my name absolutely correct which is a jawbreaker for most of our folks.

When I entered the place, the first thing that impressed me was the interior. Stylish, Asian, capturing with the big space and minimalist decoration, making me feel cozy and special as a guest.

The next thing that surprised me was a totally different from before carte, with a variety of interesting sushi and many options of Asian food with a gourmet accent. That was something that was definitely missing in our restaurants. To be honest, I wanted to order everything, the more I read the list with the dishes, the more I wanted to taste them.

Well, I had to choose, so a sushi set Tarantula was my starter, the main were Peking Duck and Crispy Duc- half portion, supplemented with vegetable rice.

Tarantula is a 6 rolls sushi set with soft shell crab and edible sand. It fully met my exceptions. Crispy, a little spicy and just enough as a quiantity.

But the culmination were the ducks. All standards of the two dishes were perfectly and diligently met. The ducks are served with pancakes, sauces, cucumbers and leeks, so one can make a roll with them and the duck pieces. The waiting lady explained that the Peking Duck rests for long time in marinate, then the skin is removed, then both of them roasted, so that the fat melts and the skin is added back at the end. The result is stunning- gentle, aromatic meat with crispy crust.

A sauvignon blanc from France named Atitude by Pascal Jolivet, from Loire Vally accompanied the ducks and I couldn’t wish more for this gourmet celebration of my pallet.

I can’t wait to revisit the place. SASA is  one of my very special cases that need repetitive recurrence.


Here is the site SASA:

Address: Radisson hotel, 4 Narodno sabranie sqr., Sofia

Tel: 0882 999 012

Pancake preparation at SASA by

Pancake preparation at SASA by

Pancake with duck at SASA by

Peking Duck at SASA by

Half portion Crispy Duck at SASA by


Bamboo decoration at SASA by 

 A table at SASA by

Lighting at SASA by

Interior of SASA by


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