Interior of NO NAMES in Baylovo by


Last time visited in June 2015 with friends and family

Read the Bulgarian language version (under category BG) and more reviews at

See… neat interior and exterior reminding of Spaghetti Company restaurants in Sofia; the good presentation of the dishes

Smell… the good scent of the dishes

Taste… brownies with mascarpone, which is a copy paste of Spaghetti Company pangiallo

Feel and Experience… the fast response of the waiters to the customers’ needs

Hear… the sounds of the village at the restaurant terrace

I was very surprised on my way back from Ognianovo dam lake  run into such an urban style restaurant in the village of Baylovo which instead of meat balls and kebapche or steaks, offers fusion cuisine between Italian and Bulgarian style as a typical urban place.

Indoors it reminds me very much of Spaghetti Company in Sofia. The menu looks the same too and some of the dishes are the same. For example my favorite pangiallo was a perfect copy paste, except for the name of the dessert.

I was interested to taste salmon cream soup with shimps. It had good taste but it was too watery, I hardly  found salmon in it, so I returned it almost untouched.

Salmon and shrimps cream soup at NO NAMES by

Then the waiter recommended scad fish. That was really a good choice, both by the impressive presentation and the good taste.

Scad fish presentation at NO NAMES in Baylovo by

Spaghetti bolognese was not bad too. So was the trout.

Pangiallo we ordered several times- obviously the whole company liked it much. Finally it turned out that we ate quite well and not expensive at all.

Brownies with mascarpone at NO NAMES in Baylovo by

I would visit this NO NAMES again if my way passes through Baylovo but this time I wouldn’t experiment with extraordinary dishes and will choose more traditional ones.

For those who are interested, do not limit your visit only to this restaurant if you turn out to be in Baylovo. It is the birth place of one of the best Bulgarian writers Elin Pelin. The town nearby is named after him too. Visit his birth house and learn some more about Bulgarian culture.

Follow the link to the site of NO NAMES

Address: Baylovo village, Gorna Malina, Sofia region

Tel: 0876241763 , 071504202

Terrace at NO NAMES in Baylovo by


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