Biggest priceworthy variety at Aristos fish restaurant


Last time visited in July 2015 with family and friends

Read the Bulgarian language version (under category BG) and more reviews at

See… the tables with blue cloths right on the sand with crystal clear waters almost washing your hot bare feet

Smell… the sea and the tempting aroma of fried kalamaria (squid)

Taste… extreme variety of fish at a very decent price; icy traditional Greek anis drink

Feel and Experience… multilingual, fast and friendly service; quiet and relaxing atmosphere of the place, under the thick tents in a hot summer day, with the cooling sea next to you

Hear… the greeting horns of boats and yachts docking occasionally at the near port

If you are staying for a while at Vourvourou or around you definitely have to rent a boat and have a tour to the islands Diaporos and the small secluded beaches of the bay.

And if you happen to undertake such a trip, you can visit Ormos Panagias  by water, taking 15-30 min sale, and have lunch at Aristos Restaurant, featuring tables with blue cloths right on the beach. Just pull your boat on the sand or dock at the small port nearby and enjoy a relaxing and delicious lunch!

The first thing you notice when you approach with the boat is that there are two types of tables- with green and with blue cloths, obviously two different restaurants stuck together. The green cloths were almost empty, while the blue were working with full steam. Of course we chose the busier place.

We were glad to be immediately approached by a waiter who was speaking our native language. He collected very fast our order and invited me to choose main course from the fresh fish display. I was surprised that that place offered  the biggest variety of fresh fish and more over at  the cheapest price  from all the places I have visited up to this moment in the area. It costed EUR 40-55 per kilo, even for the fagri.

It was not only the tasty food that  enchanted us but also the wonderful view to the sea, the cooling sea waters just next to us. The kids were happy too, playing around us on the beach and in the water. I didn’t want to leave but we had to return the rented boat on time.

This is going to be the first place that I will visit again when I return to Sithonia.

Unfortunately the site of Aristos is not functioning but you can visit their Facebook profile here

Address: You can drive to the restaurant too. Just take the exit from the main road to the port of Ormos Panagias. If you choose to sale, take course to Ormos Panagias Port.

Unfortunately the photos are borrowed, since I was enraptured by my pleasing experience at Aristos and couldn’t make my own pics.

Tel: +30 2375 031420

For more reviews in English and Bulgarian language, explore

Biggest variety of fresh fish at Aristos Aristos fish restaurant on the sand and the port Aristos fish resrtaurant on a hot summer day


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