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Last time visited in July 2015 with family and friends

Read the Bulgarian language version (under category BG), as well as more reviews in English and Bulgarian at

See… big garden with tents and a small playground for kids

Smell… the scent of seasoned steamed mussels

Taste… steamed mussels with 3 types of souse, salad with tomatoes, roasted red peppers with fresh cheese and pesto

Feel and Experience… very unfriendly and a bit low level of conversation with the waiter

Hear… pop hits from the 90’s, unobtrusive and pleasant

Perfetto was famous in the past as restaurant Chepishev. Maybe the owners decided to take the pop trend of Italian cuisine and turned it into something like pizza and pasta restaurant. They offer also BBQ and sea food, as well as other type of dishes.

The garden is impressive, good looking and there is a small playground in the corner. The grass is well trimmed and fresh.

Well trimmed grass and kids playground at Perfetto by

When I called to book a table, the lady was very kind and offered 2 tables for our big group with kids, close to the kids’ corner. That was a really god start.

Unfortunately the guy who had to wait on our table went on the wrong foot with us. We asked him to put our orders in 3 different bills, since we were 3 families. The waiter became grumpy and complained that it will slow down and impede his work.

We had a thought to ask the manager to replace him but at the end we decided to stick with him to behave friendly and give him a second chance.

I had a tomato salad, egg-plant mash, red roasted pepper, fresh cheese and pesto.

Tomatoe,pepper,fesh cheese and pest salad at Perfetto by

It was really delicious, since all products were fresh and tasty

The rest of our group had leaf salad with fried squid and they were quite satisfied with it, although some of them had to wait quite long for it to be served.

Leaf salad with fried squid at Perfetto by

I chose chicken leg  steak which was neither juicy, neither the product was very fresh, so it didn’t smell and taste as expected.

Chicken leg steak at Perfetto by

The crispy vegetable marrows were good and I had some of them too.

The best thing and a hit of the night were the steamed mussels. They were seasoned perfectly well and served with 3 types of sauce.

Yet the finale of the evening was a little spoiled by the staff since one person from the group asked to pay by card. The same grumpy waiter said something very strange: “You can pay by card, cash or by tip!”.

We did know how to understand that provocation. We were a group of 11, we ate lots of things and drank wine and beer, the total bill was not small we gave a regular tip. However, I had the feeling that we disturbed unpleasantly this person’s life.

I believe that our group will not visit this place on a regular basis but rather as an exception and thanks to the big garden.

Follow the link to the site of Perfetto by Chepishev.

Address: Sofia, Boyana area, 27 Ivanitsa Danchev Str.

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Tel: +359 888 630 630

Garden and terraces at Perfetto by


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