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Last time visited in July 2015 with family

Read the Bulgarian language version (under category BG), as well as more reviews in English and Bulgarian at

See… the simple, even unimpressive interior but don’t judge the place only by it

Smell… the flavor of herbs in the incredible fish soup; delicious mussels, exactly as in old times when you dive for your mussels and throw them directly on the hot iron sheet to grill them;

Taste… don’t miss under any circumstances the fish soup- THAT’S THE BEST FISH SOUP EVER, signature of NEMO restaurants and shops; any kind of Black sea and Mediterranean fish and sea food; Danube river fish; other freshwater fish ; good sushi

Feel and Experience… fast service, no mistakes, people know their job

Hear… pop music, Bulgarian folk music

If you stay for more than a couple of days in Varna and you have already had extensive touring at restaurants, bars, clubs with accumulated hang over and you feel like eating truly good fish soup, don’t waste time and visit immediately any of the NEMO restaurants or fast food fish diners.

This is a kind of soup that has everything in it– much fish, herbs, wonderful smell-  eating it is a reviving experience. It is a signature dish of all NEMO restaurants!

Apart from that, you may choose variety of options like fresh Black sea fish, any kind of sea food, freshwater fish, salads, sushi, and more delicious meals.

NEMO is also a brand of a chain of shops and fish fast food diners spread at several places in Varna. I wish we could have this chain in Sofia too. I hope we will have NEMO expansion to the capital one day.

I can assure you that whenever I visit Varna, one of my obligatory stops is at NEMO, no matter which of all the places from the chain and I never miss to have a bowl of their legendary fish soup.

Follow the link to the site of NEMO – unfortunately no English version.

Address: Varna ,Bulgaria

  1. NEMO restaurant Evksinograd, fishermen village at Trakata; tel. +359 52 76 11 59
  2. NEMO restaurant fish-garden at 3 Bratia Shkorpil str., tel. +359 52 616 877
  3. NEMO restaurant at Club Marine, 25 Tsaribrod str., tel. +359 52 630 183
  4. A list of NEMO fish diners and shops at various places
  5. You can order home delivery for Varna only, online at this link

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Tables at Nemo fish garden by Nemo fish garden by NEMO is named after a clown fish by NEMO garden by Nemo fish tank by Decoration at NEMO by



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