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Last time visited in July 2015 with friends

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See… stylish interior spreading the feeling of French l’art de vivre.

Smell… the herbs and garlic sauce of the white Tellini clams, the fascinating caramel and coffee flavor of the crème brulee

Taste… leaf salad with chicken gizzards confit, marinated salmon with beetroot gel, quail stuffed with rabbit and pork meat, coffee Crème Brulée  and Chocolate delice

Feel and Experience… urban style French ambiance

Hear… wonderful French jazzy, chill-out music

The interior of the Gastrotheque, or as the full name of the place  is L’Art De Vivre, is impressive with its French appearance and once you enter its area you are embraced by the French fashion of life. Everything, from the interior, through the dishes in the carte to the French music calls for a special gourmet experience. It’s my second time at the Gastrotheque and both times I had the temptation to order all the dishes from the menu. Every single item from the carte sounds interesting and classy.

I have tasted several things and I would definitely recommend leaf salad with chicken gizzards confit, marinated salmon with beetroot gel, white Tellini clams, quail stuffed with rabbit and pork meat, as well as crème brulée  and chocolate delice.

Tellini clams with garlic and herbs at Gastrotheque by Perfect coffee creme brulee at Gastrotheque by Delightful delice at Gastrotheque by

I would strongly recommend coquilles St. Jacques with mushroom ragout and carrot puree, as well as spicy shrimps with zucchini and peas mash, crispy radish, spinach and herb crumbs. I tried the pork breast with French lentils and orange zest. I am not much fan of pork but it was very juicy and soft. My great find in this dish is the lentils with the orange zest. That was really extraordinary! Butter bathed codfish is another strike for me.

Spicy shrimps at Gastrotheque by Fantastic coquilles St. Jacques at the Gastrotheque by Pork breast with lentils at Gastrotheque by Butter athed codfish at Gastrotheque by

However, there was one wrong choice and it was pork and rabbit rillettes. Although the plating was impressive, it was too lardy and not tasty.  If you are not a fan of lard, don’t order it.

My dinner was really full with a wonderful coffee crème brulee and I had a bite from the chocolate delice too. Both were just as they should be, needing nothing more, nothing less.

The waiting staff is not much thoughtful about the best experience of the restaurant’s guest, although trying to be kind, still more training and professional experience would be useful. Since we ordered many dishes, mixture of starters and salads, we were not asked about our preference for priority of serving and all of a sudden we were overloaded with plates leaving no space on the table which made us feel quite uncomfortable. The waitress did not offer an additional table to give us at least some more space although all tables around us were empty. Besides, we had to eat too fast in order to have the meal still warm. Well, we could not and we had to eat some of the dishes almost cold. My believe is that the idea of the restaurant, the level of the cuisine as well as the masterly cooking requires a higher quality of service.

No matter those minor drawbacks, I consider Gastrotheque as a remarkable new place in Sofia and I would definitely come back for more delicious experiences from the French cuisine and L’Art De Vivre with a French style.

Follow the link to the site of Gastrotheque L’Art De Vivre.

Visit the Facebook profile too

Address: 76 Patriarh Evtimiy blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 896 505 505

Cute details at Gastrotheque by Fantastic leaf salad and French wine at Gastrotheque by

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