Partial view to the marina at Gloria Mar by


Last time visited in August 2015 with friends and family

Read the Bulgarian language version (under category BG), as well as more reviews in English and Bulgarian at

See… the marina just in front, the sea view.

Smell… the sea breeze

Taste…  codfish soup, chicken with herbs, Mont Blanc cake, French Kiss dessert, salad with burata

Feel and Experience… fast and courteous service

Hear… gentle sea and wind whisper dialogue, quiet music

Gloria Mar is a chain of restaurants, one of which is situated at Sveti Vlas, in the area of Marina Dinevi.

If you are willing to have 100% delicious food in the area of Sveti Vlas, without any failure, you can bet on Gloria Mar.

Good fresh ingredients, fine cooking, fast and kind service (Multilanguage by the way-) all expectations were met.

The view to the sea and the marina adds to the ambiance and the summer mood.

I had salad with iceberg, celery and parmigiano and  tasted the one with tomatoes and burata. Both perfect!

Icberg, celery and parmigiano salad at Gloria Mar by Tomato and burata salad at Gloria Mar by

The codfish soup wass good, as well as the chicken with herbs. My daughter had tagliatelle with tomato souse and didn’t eat them. I checked the dish up and it was OK. My younger daughter had potato cream soup and had it all, which proves that it was also good.

Codfish soup at Gloria Mar by

Wonderful Mont Blanc cake and coffee at the end was my final wish which was perfectly fulfilled and the others from the group praised much the French Kiss dessert. The crème brulee disappointed me, since it had no crust on top, just soft caramel. However, beneath it, it was just the fine texture, as expected.

Mont Blanc chocolate cake at Gloria Mar by French Kiss dessert at Gloria Mar by

Looking forward to visiting the restaurant Gloria Mar in Sofia and compare.

Follow the link to the site of Gloria Mar at Sveti Vlas.

Visit the Facebook profile too

Address: Sveti Vlas, Marina Dinevi

Tel: +359 895 555 111


Terrace at Gloria Mar by Interior at Gloria Mar by

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