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Last time visited in August 2015 with family

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See… the Northern beach of Burgas, a little further on which you can enjoy kitesurf and sunbathing on the very rare black sand, with volcanic origin and high concentration of iron

Smell… sea air of the Black Sea

Taste…  Japanese sandwich with salmon or tuna on a rice canapé, shrimps tempura, tempura rolls with fish mix.

Feel and Experience… delicious meal during or after your sun bathing

Hear… the sea waves on the Northern beach

This place, Fiesta, was a great surprise for me. I expected an ordinary, relatively acceptable meal of tsatsa (small fish from the Black sea, same as the Greek gavros) and oily, tasteless chips. However, Fiesta turned out to be a place with very delicious food and quite a broad range of cuisine styles.

You may have good pizza, pasta, Turkish grill, and at the same time sushi and some more yummy Japanese stuff.

I had sushi, tempura shrimps and sandwiches with rice canapé . They can be spicy or regular, with tuna or salmon. All tempura rolls were very good, especially the ones with mix of different fish. Delicious!

You can choose fired squid, mussels, fresh fish, BBQ and some nice desserts too.

I tried the soufflé which was quite good.

The waiters were fast, although not very amiable. It was not peak hour for dining and this could be the plain reason for the speed of the service.

I did not intend to write about Fiesta but I was so impressed by the good food that I decided at the end to take some pics of the place and give it thumbs up for my collection of special cases.

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Address: Northern beach of Burgas, just before the kitesurf area and the black sand

Tel: +359 87 810 0043

Fiesta right on the Northern beach of Burgas by Interior of Fiesta by

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