Cozy tables under the white gazebos at Salini by


Last time visited in August 2015 with family

Read the Bulgarian language version (under category BG), as well as more reviews in English and Bulgarian at

See… the spacious green garden and tables under white pavilions, the blue pool of hotel Primoretz nearby

Smell… the air of the Black sea

Taste…  leaf salad with cherry tomatoes and fried baby squid, goose liver pate, potatoes cream soup, pork with pine nuts.

Feel and Experience… the serenity in the garden of Grand Hotel Primoretz, courteous service of the waiting staff

Hear… the quiet silence just a little softened by distant chat of guests from other tables and discrete clink of wine glasses

If you are looking for gourmet dining in Burgas, Salini is your place. It is situated in Grand Hotel Primoretz, at the end of Burgas sea garden, stretched all along the sea coast and the beaches of Burgas.

In general the cart of Salini is dedicated to Mediterranean cuisine with rich variety of sea food.

Every single dish has a fine touch and presentation- from the welcoming pate, olive oil, olives with toast, served in the very beginning, through the starters and main courses, to the finale  with desserts.

The weather was hot and we were dining in the garden. It was welcoming the visitors with its serenity, tranquility and cozy tables under white pavilions.

The waiting staff was very courteous and smiling.

I had a leaf salad with cherry tomatoes and fried squid. It was wonderful.

Leaf salad with crispy squid at Salini by

My younger daughter ate a potato cream soup and she liked it so much, that she ordered it twice more to the astonishment of the Chef.

Potato cream soup at Salini by

Instead of a main course I chose a starter- goose liver pate with figs and parmigiano. It was very delicious with wonderful scent with the background perfume of the figs and the parmigiano.

Goose liver pate with figs at Salini by

My husband ordered veal carpaccio with perfect presentation and he said it’s good and as a main dish he had pork with pine nuts which was highly appreciated too.

Tomatoe and egg plant salad at Salini by Veal carpacio at Salini by

For a finale I opted for a crème brulee with white chocolate. Fantastic dessert! I would come back even only to have more of it.

Restaurant Salini is definitely a case which calls for many returns. It surely is one of my favorite places in Burgas.

Follow the link to the site of Salini.

Visit the Facebook profile too

Address: Burgas, 2 Al. Batemberg str., Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz

Tel: +359 897 096 398

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