Cakey Bakey by


Last time visited in August 2015 with family

Read the Bulgarian language version (under category BG), as well as more reviews in English and Bulgarian at

See… cakes in the show case calling you to taste them

Smell… fresh bread

Taste…  spelt bread, Lindt cake, brioche, salty cookies

Feel and Experience… the atmosphere of a typical small and cute bakery in the center of Sofia with a cup of flavorful coffee

Hear… the city beat in one of the greenest parts of the city center, the Doctors’ garden

I love urban life, especially the small cafes in the center of the city, which invite you to stop by for a flavorful coffee, sweetened by a nice cake, tart or just a small cookie.

This is how Cakey Bakey invited me to stop by. I was firmly determined not to eat anything sweet this day but one glance at the chow case of the place changed my mind immediately. I ordered a cup of espresso  with a slice of Lindt cake. My daughters had brioche and salty cookie.

Tempting show case of Cakey Bakey by

Nice, easy and delicious life is when such small daily surprises happen to us. Wonderful coffee, very chocolaty cake, everything was just fine! And the spelt bread was tasty too!

Cakey Bakey, wait for me, I am coming back pretty soon!

Oh, and if you are from Sofia,you can order for home at +359 882 800 622.

Follow the link to the site of Cakey Bakey.

Visit the Facebook profile too

Address: 5 Shipka str., Sofia

Tel: +359 882 800 622 +359 884 317 997

Cakey Bakey urban style by Interior at Cakey Bakey by Bar at Cakey Bakey by

Blackdoord at Cakey Bakey by

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