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Last time visited in October 2015 with family

Read the Bulgarian language version (under category BG), as well as more reviews in English and Bulgarian at placescases.com

See… small place with 3 tables and modern interior targeted to young customers, the master chef apron on the wall

Smell… smell of stuffing cooking with onion and Asian herbs

Taste…  Saporo Beer or Ginger beer (have in mind that this one is sweet)

Feel and Experience… the smell envelopes you and stays with you all day long.

Hear… don’t miss to hear your number when you order is ready, since it is a self service place

I was very curios to visit Vu and Boyan’s place when I heard they opened one. Boyan was one of the best contestants in the Master Chef TV show. He demonstrated broad knowledge and experience in preparing good food.

Vu was one of the most interesting participants experimenting with fusion of Vietnamese and European cuisine. The place is named after him. U Vu in Bulgarian means At Vu’s.

Well, those two are a perfect combination. The idea is very good and as I saw much appreciated by young people.  The taste of the sandwiches is very good, with the herbs and fried onion, exactly as per my expectations. However, it was very disappointing that the stuffing contained not more than 3-4 small pieces of meat while the baguette was dominating. The chicken pieces (tarikatsu sandwich) was really delicious but not enough. I ordered one salad with the same name, hoping to get some more meat but instead I got the same scarce amount of nuggets dominated by cabbage.

The veal sandwich was totally disappointing. The meat was stringy and quite unpleasant to chew.

The Ginger beer appeared to be sweet but the Saporo beer was consoling.

The prices are ranging from 6 to 9 BGN.

I would say that with some improvements those two guys can achieve great success. Maybe a little higher end place will be more suiting for my taste.

Not coming back at UVU, unfortunately.

Visit the Facebook profile too

Address: 20 Angel Kantchev str., Sofia

Tel: +359 87 608 8444

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Underground urban style of UVU by placescases.com Menu board at UVU by placescases.com Master Chef apron at UVU by placescases.com


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