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Last time visited in December 2015 with family

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See… the attractive interior, embracing with comfort and warmth

Smell… the flavours of the rich by choice and volume breakfast

Taste… delicious breakfast arranged with style, the white compliment chockolate in the room

Feel and Experience… the atmosphere of an old city house, comfortable, warm and welcoming

Hear… the cathedral bell peal; classical music light and cheerful, running from the speakers of the hotel direcly onto the street

In the heart of the old city of Ljubljana, close to the river Ljubljanica, in an old beautiful building awaits Lesar Hotel Angel.

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If you hear a classical music, warming your ears and soul, follow its sounds. There at its sourse you will find a small and a very stylish hotel. You will be welcomed by smiling and courteous people who will accommodate you very fast, respond adequately and with elegance to your sense of humor. You will feel comfortable like in an old city house and you can’t miss the funny decoration with rag cats on the window sills.

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It is recommendable and necessary to make a reservation in advance, otherwise you may miss the pleasure to be a guest of this attractive hotel.

The rooms are comfortable, spacious enough and warm. On the coffee table in our suite was left a Welcome! white chocolate as a compliment which was very tasty.

There is also a hot water jug, tea, Nescafe and sugar but I would recommend to visit any of the nice cafes in the old town if you need to drink something hot and delicious.

If you are pretentious to cosmetics or with a delicate skin I recommend to bring creams, conditioners, lotions of your own. The hotel also offers some minimum range of such things.

There is free Wi-Fi and the city of Ljubljana also offers free Wi-Fi for 60 min daily.

Besides the wonderful interior and comfort, the hotel offers a tasty, arranged with style breakfast. Apart from the rich buffet meal, you can order eggs, cooked in several styles, espresso and cappuccino. All these are included in the price of the breakfast.

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There is also a small courtyard with a garden and one of the suites even has an exit directly to it.

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I would recommend this hotel and I personally would stay there again. It is also worth to have a stroll in the small picturesque streets of the old city of Ljubljana.

You can visit the site of the hotel, which has options for English, Deutsch and Italian langages too: http://www.angelhotel.si/

Address:  Gornji trg 7, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tel: +386 (0) 1 425 50 89

The locaion of Lesar Hotel Angel in Google Maps

Facebook: Lesar Hotel- Angel

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