Philippe Stark plastic chairs combined with wooden floor at ClupPushkin by


Last time visited in February 2016 with friends

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See beautiful luxury interior, spacious halls, chic, combining vintage and modernity; beautiful presentation of food in the plates.

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Smellthe scent of the red wine blend Ivan Alexander Grande Cuvee, from Maryan winery, warm freshly baked ciabatta.

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Taste warm ciabatta, dipped in olive oil with salt and black pepper, potato chips, pork chops with crispy onions, Belgium chocolate with caramel angel’s hair,but if you order veal, check if all tendons are well removed.

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Feel and Experiencekind attitude by the waiters, patiently explaining details about food but keeping the name of the chef secret; to my complain about the pepper steak, the waiter did not react and did not offer compensation.

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Hear classical music- live piano performance.

5 hearts

Average score 4.6 out of 5.         

Located in a building- cultural monument, in which events of big importance to Bulgaria took place, Club Pouchkine is a high end restaurant, declaring its extravagance right from the entrance. It was opened in September 2015 and I visited it for the first time. Its interior impresses with chic, combining vintage and modernity. Luxury surrounds you in each and every hall and I was restless to have a peek in all of them. The combination of wooden floor, silk, crystal glasses and translucent plastic chairs by Philippe Stark represents very well the concept of the restaurant to be a special place, offering special fusion cuisine and drinks, complemented with live classical Russian music, adding to the ambiance even more finesse.

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The carte is also extravagant- the prices are in the left column, without currency mark and the description of the meals in the center and right. The list is small but of good quality. Most of the products are bio and tasty.

The drinks are also very special- wonderful selection and variety of rakia, single malt whiskey and other liquor. The wine list was impressive too- the wineries were well selected and different from the commonly offered in the restaurants.

The very special drinks at Club Pushkin by

Right after ordering the waiter brings warm ciabatta slices and olive oil to fill the time gap until salads serving.

I would like to note here that every meal was perfectly plated, looking tempting and beautiful.

My friends and I tried salads with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil; leaf salad with avocado ad citrus fruit and they both were a good launch of the dining.

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We tasted polenta with cheese which was delicious. For the main course we had veal pepper steak and pork chops with crispy fried onions rings. Everybody was satisfied. I liked my pepper steak very much but right at the last bite there was a stringy tendon, which I could not chew at all and that spoiled everything. I complained to the waiter but he did not seem to care much and did not offer a compensation.

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The garnishes of grilled vegetables, potato crispy chips and spinach were good but the spinach was too salty.

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We drank red wine blend Ivan Alexander Grande Cuvee from Maryan winery , rated 3.7 in Vivino which was very good.

For dessert we chose Belgium chocolate and Pavlova meringue, both combined with single malt. Wonderful finale!

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The music was wonderful – live piano performance of classical pieces. There was this guest of the restaurant who turned to be an opera singer who joined the instrumental with his mild bass.

I will visit again Club Pouchkine, eager to taste other items from the menu.  I would recommend it to my friends and to the readers of this blog!


Address:  92, George Rakovski str, Sofia, Bulgaria

Club Pushkin logo

Tel: +359 888 71 71 87

Working time 9:00-00:00ч.

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