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Last time visited in February 2016 with friends

Read the Bulgarian language version (under category BG), as well as more reviews in English and Bulgarian at

See interesting and original interior.

5 hearts

Smellthe scent of butter coming from the pelmeni,horse-radish in Olivie salad.

5 hearts

Taste cod liver, spread on toast with arugula and a little lemon, classic pickled cucumbers, selyodka (marinated fish Russian style), vodka Beluga, as well as all other brands of vodka, Olivier salad, salmon with shrimps and cream.

5 hearts

Feel and Experiencepleasant ambiance, fast response by the waiter, very good consultation about the various types of vodka.

5 hearts

Hear contemporary Russian music.

5 hearts

Average score 5 out of 5.             

Everything in the carte is Russian classic. Before this place hosted a Chef Petrov’s restaurant which was closed very fast- the food was bad.

Currently the interior is not much changed- it is still very interesting and original but this time the food is far much better.

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Gara za Dvama offers Russian cuisine, well known to all clients who know it from its previous location. If you are a fan, there is no way to make a mistake with any item in the menu. All brands of vodka are good, the pickled cucumbers are as expected, the selyodka, the caviar, the beetroot, the potatoes, the Olivier salad with horse radish- everything is delicious. The butter in the pelmeni smells so tempting that you cannot help to offer additional portion. We ordered from everything 4-5 times. The waiter brought toast to spread the appetizers with butteron it. Be careful with the vodka, since this kind of tasty food requires lots of quantity. And since their vodka offers also quality you will be in trouble if you don’t pay attention. The Beluga vodka is not cheap but after 1 glass of it, you can order from the others to try them and compare.

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The music is Russian- contemporary, very nice. If you are dining with good friends, you need nothing else. Cheers!

I plan to visit Gara za Dvama more often at the new location. It’s a wonderful place. If you trust me and decide to go there, make sure to make a reservation, since the sits are limited.

Address:  12, Ivan Vazov str, Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 89 550 8689

Working time 11:00-23:00ч.

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