Entrance of winery 1 Midalidare Estate by placescases.com


See…exceptional design in the whole complex; beautiful nature around Mogilovo village; the production organization of high class wine; stylish interior; insufficient daily sunlight on level 0 of the guest house in the hotel area.

5 hearts

I would like to mention here, that after our complain that we felt like in a basement at this 0 floor and that it should be mentioned in the site that this level is half underground and respectively sold cheaper than the upper floor, we were compensated with a bottle of wine and the prices were decreased consecutively. Respectively score 5 of 5 is well deserved.

Smell… the flaviour of Midalidare Chardoney Calista 2013, MidalidareSyrah.

5 hearts

Taste… Midalidare Nota Bene Single Merlot Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, Midalidare Sauvignon blanc & Semillon 2014; in the restaurant Chevro salad, cream soup from parsnip, fried trout, fried carp, pork fillet, quail, etc.

5 hearts

Feel… good service, attention to small details, desire to meet the high customers’ expectations, friendly attitude not only in the hotel and the restaurant but also in the wineries; the warmth in the SPA zone, the wholesome effect of massage products based on Pinotage.

5 hearts

Hear…the guidance of smiling Tsvety, who explained the process of wine production in Midalidare estate, the history of this business development and the plans for further deployment; in the restaurant- French chansons, contemporary and the 80’s hits; bird warbles in the forest around the village.

5 hearts

Average score of my visit 5 out of 5.

Last visited in March 2016 with friends and family


Launched a year ago, Midalidare Hotel & SPA in Mogilovo village belongs to Midalidare Estate. It impresses the visitor from the first glance with its exterior and interior. The building used to be a school which became obsolete and ruined because of lack of children in the village due to people migration, looking for more profitable life in the city.

It was fully renovated, keeping the large corridors and rooms. The whole design is inspired by the traditions of  Bulgarian architecture from the 19 century. I was exploring with curiosity and admiration each and every piece of decoration on the walls, the tables, the niches, the floor. Everything in this place is created with quality and fine taste.

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The beautiful decor is synchronized with kind attitude to the clients by the whole staff, striving to meet all high expectations. A very hard task, taking into consideration that the expectations level is constantly pushed higher and higher with every demonstration  of high quality and attention to details. We were pleased to find absolutely adequate conduct by each member of the personnel- from the receptionists, the young waiters in the restaurant, the animator in the kids club, the winery guide, even by the security janitors at the wineries.

When we were planning our stay in Midalidare Hotel & SPA, it was fully booked, except for the big 3 bedrooms suite at 0 floor of the guest house in the hotel area. It has no direct access to the SPA area but it was no problem since you can have flip-flops, a bath robe and towels directly from the SPA. Besides the 3 bedrooms, the suite in the guest house has 2 bathrooms, small closet, a living room with a kitchen box. The bathrooms are furnished with style and they have bath cabins to prevent water splash around. You will find there good body cosmetics but you should bring your own hair conditioner, since it is missing. The suite provides TV sets in every room with sat TV, micro-oven, oven, ceramic hot plates, dish washer, washing machine, nice crockery, cutlery, slippers. There is no coffee machine.

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The only unpleasant thing was that 0 floor was not on ground level but a little lower and this did not became clear from the info on website. The windows were situated high on the walls and did not let enough sunshine in most of the rooms and in the beginning there was a slight smell of humidity. However, it was furnished with style and comfortably. We complained at our check-out and shared our view that this floor should be sold cheaper than the upper one. Our remark was taken immediately into consideration, we were compensated with a bottle of wine and more over the price for 0 floor was decreased later on in their price list. Impressive and absolutely timely reaction! I would like to give my kind regards to the manager for this!

I can write and talk long about the quality of Midalidare Estate wine. I would recommend anybody to have the guided tour in the winery and taste the wines at the end. Buy as many as you can boxes of bottles, since it is lucrative and quality is superb.

We were even more excited about the food in the restaurant which was matching the wine quality. A young Chef, who has passed an Italian Chef consultation, took very good care of our choosy palate. Apart from the BB, guided tour with tasting in the winery, the free of charge pool and thermos zone, we had a special dinner and a lunch in our package. The dinner consisted of 4-course menu with a wonderful presentation. Everything was very delicious. My only remark was to the texture of the pie in the dessert but it was recouped by  a fantastic sorbet.

The breakfast at Midalidare hotel is excellent. Every day there is something different. One day we had a traditional Bulgarian breakfast with mekitsi, fried bread slices and banitsa. A smart add- on was the traditional boza and ayran. The next we had very delicious toasts with minced meat and cheese. There are also fresh croissants, 2 types of cheese, 2 types of charcuterie, fruit, vegetables, yogurt, olives, 2-3 types of cereals and home made bread. The offered drinks were filtered coffee, hot milk and fresh apple juice. You can order also espresso and cappuccino but paid. Nice creamy inside profiteroli, apple strudel or pouched apples can make great company to the coffee.

The a la carte list is very compact and interesting. There is a choice between several salads, starters, 2-3 types of pasta and risotto, 2 types of soups and 2-3 types of main course from different meat, including fish. Every day while we were waiting for the dinner to be served we had as a compliment a small starter- a bruschetta or a skewer of  baby mozzarella and cherry tomato with pesto. All dishes are very good. I would recommend salad with goat cheese Chevro, quail fillet, interlarded pork meat or braided pork fillet, parsnip soup, fried carp or  trout. The figs cake is very light not too sweet and the soufflé is classic with liquid center. It is obligatory to add wine. From the basic level-  Carpe Diem, from the high level- special selections or reserve. I will share with you a secret: there is a wonderful cuvee of Malbec and Syrah and also Cabernet Fran and Merlot. They are very limited. The bottle bears a temporal sticker and you have to ask about it. Try also Midalidare Nota Bene Single Merlot Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 from the red and Midalidare Sauvignon blanc & Semillon 2014, Midalidare Sauvignon blan special selection 2015. My absolute favorite is Chardonnay Calista 2013. If that one is already over, take 2012.

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It is highly recommendable after breakfast to have a walk around the village. You can go to see the lake or just stroll in the woods. On the map in the village you can see the plans for the development of the estate. There will be a bear reserve, fishermen village, billiards pub, sports facilities with tennis court and football playground. It is obvious how the area around flourishes due to Midalidare estate development.

There is another guest house in the winery 1 area. It is with 4 bedrooms with bathrooms and large living room and plenty of space around it. They are accordingly stylish furnished and the price is even better than the one in the hotel area. It is very good for a company of 2 families with children or 4 couples.

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Don’t miss the guided tour in winery 2. There are enormous wine tanks, produced in Bulgaria, French barrels, a special restaurant-party zone, etc. You can see also the wine museum which is with various objects typical for the Bulgarian old households. At the end there is wine tasting of 4 white and 4 red wines. You can buy any of them and from the other types right on spot.

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You should visit the SPA too. The pool is not very deep and the water is warm. There is a kids pool and Jacuzzi with hot water. In the thermal zone you will find a steam bath, herbal bath, hamam, infrared and Finish sauna, as well as 3 types of showers. The most shocking one is the cold water pail. Unfortunately the ice machine was not working.

The massages are with products based on Pinotage. The relax zone is very nice with an aquarium of colorful fish in the middle and silent chill-out music.

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The hotel provides a paid kids club with an animator from 17:00 to 23:00. It is beautifully furnished, with nice toys and games. Apart from playing the kids can decorate wooden, glass or ceramic figures which are paid too. The animator is young and very kind to the children.

Kids club Midalidare Hotel by placescases.com

I plan to have a holiday at Midalidare Estate again and I intend to invite more friends there. It is highly recommendable place for wine and gourmet travelers, as well as SPA and good nature fans.

Address: Bulgaria, Stara Zagora, Chirpan, Mogilovo village

Tel: +359 88 665 5721

e-mail: hotel@midalidare.bg

Midalidare logo

N 42.20.463 E 25.23.946

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