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Last visit with family in April 2016

Rating by the the 5D Sensograph of

Seen             5 hearts

Felt                4 hearts

Heard           5 hearts

Smelled       5 hearts

Tasted          5 hearts   

Average 5D score: 4.8 out of 5.



…. Classy stylish interior with attention to special accents.


…. Elegant ambiance but without the need of special dress code;

…. Excellent service by the youngest member of the waiters team but a little negligent attitude to the customers by his senior colleagues.


….Pleasant contemporary jazz music.

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…. Every single detail in the Foie gras crème brulee, perfectly completed with the elder gel perfume;

…. The tempting smell of grilled ham and shrimps in Caesar salad;

…. Extraordinary smelling beef rib, marinated and slow cooked;

…. Cinnamon and almonds in crème Catalan.


…. Caesar salad with crispy grilled ham and shrimps;

…. Avocado salad with carrot ribbons, sheep cheese and pomelo;

…. Foie gras crème brulee  with roasted caramelized Morello compote, Waldorf salad, Easter bread and elder gel which goes well with Kracher Cuvée Spätlese 2013, sweet white wine with rating in Vivino 4, but I would choose a dry one to balance the slight sweet taste of the dish ;

…. 12 hours roasted beef rib with 4 types of toppings, matching well with Château Bonnet Bordeaux Réserve 2010, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlo, rating in Vivino 3.6;

…. Chef Andre’s signature “Surf and turf” –  magic mixture of shrimps, veal, beef with hollandaise souse and green asparagus on  flat bread;

…. Crème Catalan with cinnamon ice cream and joyful crispy almond chips;

…. Kaiserschmarrn or deconstructed Austrian pancake with plum jam- a wonderful sweet temptation- the kids went crazy about it!


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In a new modern building MM World on the Ring road of Sofia city, is situated Chef Andre Tokev’s own restaurant for which all of us gourmet enthusiasts are very grateful. Finally the man who is a self-brand due to his culinary skills, has his own place to demonstrate his haute cuisine show.

Therefore I booked a table with great enthusiasm and expectations to ANDRe.

However, somehow things got on the wrong foot straight from the entrance. We were received unpleasantly with “there is no reserved table for you”, we waited for the waiter to check again, than another guy checked again, finally both of the waiters registered that they were looking at the wrong date in the book. This hustle was followed by “please do sit over there” but they did not lead us towards our table. We sat but again “no, no, no, do not sit there, sit at the other table”. The same scene was repeated a little later with other customers who sat also at the wrong table and they were displeased alike. I was disappointed by this first interaction with the place and my enthusiasm was replaced by irritation. A young waiter came to take our order and he suffered the first symptoms of my new mood. I asked him to change a glass which looked not very clean to me. He took it politely with appology and gradually with great patience and care succeeded to ingratiate us to relax and enjoy the wonderful cuisine of Chef Adre. Later on, one of those confused senior waiters asked us if his “young colleague” explained us in details some meal. I retorted that only thanks to his younger colleague service we erased our bad impression from initial interaction with the restaurant service which was the exact truth.

Otherwise, the ambiance and the interior with its thorough job of details, the extraordinary meal in which every accent and background is precisely considered, infused and balanced made us feel very special, festive and definitely we will return there.

I would recommend though, to bet on the younger waiters who work with ambition and enthusiasm while the “senior”  step a little back.

Furthermore, I wish there was a predefined menu with several courses since if you wish to make a small journey around the Chef Andre’s culinary master pieces in la carte you have to eat big portions of food, which are tremendously delicious and finally you got brutally full.

Otherwise as a finale would say that this place is like a culinary fairy tale. Definitely I would recommend to visit it and please your palate. ANDRe is a special place, featured by the cooking supremacy of Chef Adre Tokev.


Address:  3 Ring road, Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 888 931 151


Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 11:30-11:30 h


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