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Last visit with family in April 2016

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….  Interior well  mixing the charm of vintage and the daring modernity of Iskra Georgieva’s collages, Fuel of Future and Madness No Limit ;

…. Artefacts from Champagne – a casket with bottles and wall canvases with their caps;

…. Small art accents and pieces, peeking from here and there like small plastic art or hand- made paper flowers on the tables;

…. The display with the selection of French cheese groomed by little pots with chutneys and confits, that you cannot resist;

…. Meal presentation like piece of art on the canvas of the plate.


…. The welcoming smile of  the owner Carine Stanisheva, with half French half Bulgarian origin, who lived mainly in France and only just the last years in Bulgaria;

…. The waiters presenting with pleasure the dishes and French cheese selection, as well as the wines matching them best.


…. French chansons, of course, arranged contemporary.


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…. The combination of French cheese and wine flavors, recommended by the waiters;

…. The caramel crust of the crème brulee;

…. The fascinating smell of butter and parsley of the frogs legs sause.


…. Frog legs with parsley, butter and garlic, combined with white wine Menard, Cuvee Marine Cotes De Gascogne 2014 (Sauvignon Blanc), rating in Vivino 3.9;

…. French cheese selection, especially if you are a fan, take some from the most flavorful and combine them with red wine Delas Cotes Du Rhone Sain Esprit Rouge 2014 (Syrah, Grenache Noir), оценка 3.4 във Vivino;

…. Ile Flottante- the Floating Island of whipped egg whites on egg cream;

…. St. Jacque on a celery puree.

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Before, there were various types of restaurants at the place where L’Instant is now. I even don’t remember what they were. It is more important that at present it is a small piece of France, which makes you feel well and comfortable straight from the door. You are welcomed by a mix of vintage and modernity, people are friendly, smiling, the food is fantastic. Here the French cuisine is not some kind of adapted to the local taste variation. On the contrary, it is authentic, prepared with French finesse and respect to culinary art. If until now you were not exactly a fan of French cooking, at L’Instant you will instantly change your mind.

La carte contains starters, soups, main course, for the desserts you have to ask the waiter, and for the work days there is a lunch menu. The average bill per person is around BGN 40 to BGN 90, depending on your choice for number of dishes and the type of wine. If you are not a connoisseur of French cuisine you may take advantage from the helpful explanation of the dishes by the waiters, as well as their advice which wine to match with them.

L’Instant is another place of delicious case in Sofia, with true French style and taste. Even if you haven’t been an admirer of French cuisine, I recommend you to visit it and you will become one in an instant. I love this place very much and I intend to visit it very soon again.

Address:  24 Asen Zlatarov str., Sofia, Bulgaria

Teл +359 2 8 430364


Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 12-23 h, Closed on  Sunday

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