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Last visit with family in May 2016

Rating by the 5D Sensograph of

Seen             5 hearts

Smelled        3 hearts

Tasted          4 hearts

Felt               5 hearts

Heard            3 hearts        

Average 5D score: 4 out of 5.



…. Provence whiff in the interior style;

…. The curtains outside at the pavement area;

 …. Lila woodwork of the windows;

…. Floor tiles’ ornaments;

…. TV outside, broadcasting Charlie Chaplin’s movies;

…. Nice presentation of food;

…. Lack of blooming flowers, I wish there was more living colorful nature.


…. Friendly service, by a very smiling girl;

…. Pleasant roughness of the tables, in a rustic style;

…. Friendly attitude to children, providing coloring pages and pencils with Russian princesses;

…. Crispy focaccia –  the kids ate it in a sec.


…. Old pop hits which sounded boring;

…. Cars, passing by along the small street – unpleasant noise;

…. Russian speech, the town is preferred by Russian tourists and obviously they like this place too.

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…. Rosemary  spread on the focaccia;

…. An unpleasant rancid smell of the palmier (crunchy puff pastry), which I bought to try the bakery products- I left it, couldn’t eat it!


…. Carrots cream soup, tasty with nice velvety texture;

…. Homemade potato chips– crispy, very delicious, you can’t resist them;

…. Tagliatelle Bolognese – not the best I have ever tasted.

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Foyer was recommended to me by a friend, who visits Nessebar quite often. She told me that it is a new place with Provence style. It is easily recognizable by the curtains outside and the Lila woodwork. It is situated in the new part of the town, close to hotel- restaurant Golden fish.

Definitely this place differs both in interior and cuisine from all others in Nessebar. It does not present the typical for this part of Bulgaria fisherman or Black Sea style. In Foyer you can vary your fish diet with food closer to France and Italy. You can buy also a homemade bread or just drink coffee. The cappuccino is served with a picture in the foam, the espresso is also good. The staff is small but very kind and smiling.

Some improvements would not be in surplus, however in general Foyer is a cute, nice place, which I would recommend to the visitors of Nessebar, to make a difference from the crowded old town.

Address:  Perla quarter in the new part of the town, on the street to hotel Mirage, Nessebar, Bulgaria

Tel. +359 898 340 703

E- Mail:

Working hours: 8:00- 23:00

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