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Last visit with family in May 2016

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Seen              5 hearts

Felt                5 hearts

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5D score: 5 out of 5.



…. Minimalist, cool, urban interior;

…. Open kitchen , visible behind the bar through a glass wall;

…. Cool young visitors, modern, smiling- one with a bowler hat, another with beard, third with nice sun glasses, forth with big red accent in her clothing, fifth with elegant high heels…. And kids, feeling very well at this place;


…. Kind service, good description of the dishes by the waiter, so that one becomes engaged and interested to taste them ;

…. Friendly attitude to kids;

…. Pleasant urban chic vibe, very different from the common traditional, sea side, touristic status quo.


…. Wonderful jazz music.

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…. Fresh herbs  and light playful citrus perfumes in the butter, served with fresh bread as a complement appetizer;

…. Tempting smell of smoke in the hot pot grilled shrimps;

…. The thin scent of sumac and the strong contrast of fresh savory and red onion;

…. Enchanting lovage, that always makes a difference in the plate, in this case with steamed black mussels with wine.


…. Crispy fresh sprat, trivial and  ordinary for the black sea cuisine but  very originally served with fresh parsley and a slice of lemon;

…. Kingklip, an eel like fish, coming from deep ocean waters, served as white fillet with crispy crust, homemade pesto, potatoes and asparagus;

…. The garnish of the fish- stewed but crunchy asparagus, very delicious, spring potatoes, a little sweet, tasting even better than they look, eaten up to the last one;

…. Plain crème caramel– with caramel sauce, as per expected with good texture with just a little pores, only to remind that we are not eating crème brulee.

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Pelican in Burgas was awarded with a ladle in the Best Restaurant of 2015 contest by Bacchus magazine for debut. It was clear that I would visit it during my first visit in Burgas.

We should start with it that Burgas is a wonderful modern European town by the Black Sea, which combines the culture spirit and creative zeal of its composers, singers, poets, actors, painters, any kind of artist with the attractiveness of the sea, the beauty of the sea garden, which becomes more and more beautiful every year, with the young modernity of its streets, rent-a- bike spots and  bike lanes, crossing the whole town, with the wonderful kids playgrounds and the friendly people on the streets. There are always many activity options – you can visit the flowers exhibition Flora, go to the theater or opera, dive in the night life or drive short to neighboring small seaside towns and villages.

You can call by the Tea House in the center, at Troikata square and test various tea brands, have a vegan dessert or visit a gourmet restaurant too.

This is how, accidentally or deliberately you can find Pelican. Definitely it is more preferable to make a reservation first. The place is modern and it is situated exactly on the corner of Bogoridi and Oborishte streets. It looks very attractive and inviting and it is even better looking inside. You cannot help looking around to notice the details of its decoration and style. The food is a total surprise- traditional and innovative at the same time. They offer by tradition Black Sea fish, ocean fish but also pork, veal and chicken. What makes a difference in the dishes is that traditional products are presented in a contemporary and interesting way.

I liked Pelican very much and I shall visit it again next time when I travel to Burgas.

And if you haven’t been in this nice town lately, hurry to it, even for  a weekend and it is obligatory to have a bite at Pelican.

Address: 1 Oborishte str, Burgas, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 882 110 844

Pelican Burgas

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