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Last visit with family in May 2016

Rating by the 5D Sensograph of

Seen              4 hearts

Felt                5 hearts

Heard            3 hearts      

Smelled         5 hearts

Tasted           4 hearts

5D score: 4.2 out of 5.



…. Furniture with vintage style, some of them wooden, others from wrought iron;

…. Enormous paintings on the walls, somewhat obtrusive I would say and too lucent to my taste;

…. La Carte, which included everything needed- breakfast, starters, salads, soups, kids menu, pasta and risotto section, fish, main dishes from various meat, desserts, interesting wine list, with broad Bulgarian representation (unfortunately the wine that I chose from it was missing)

…. Fresh flowers on the tables.


…. Good service, lightly self-controlled, without excessive elaborations and very friendly to kids ;

…. Ambiance of old urban chic;

…. Comfort and generous warmth due to the air conditioning which was not saved, because of the non-typical for this period of the year cold weather;

…. The perfect consistency of  the Chocolate Pot du Crème.


…. American online radio, which American hits from the past, including country music did not match the style of the cuisine;

…. The approving exclamations by the kids about the mini pizzas, highly praising their taste.

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…. Chocolate and caramel smell of Chocolate Pot du Crème dessert;

…. Flavorful mango, thinly chopped and combined with sweet chilly and oysters sauce, added to grilled wild shrimps.


…. Tasty and cute mini pizzas for kids, mine liked them a lot;

…. Grilled wild shrimps, on a mango salsa, sweet chilly and oysters sauce;

…. Chocolate Pot du Crème with two types of chocolate, caramel crocant, roasted hazel nuts (although it was written in the menu almonds) and salt flakes – wonderful dessert!;

…. Risotto – not very good , a little diluted ;

…. A quite dry tuna steak , which did not impress me at all;

…. Too sweet spaghetti with tomato sauce from the kids menu, which were quite a big portion, not kid one;

…. Unimpressive Baileys Cake- neither crème, neither cake, neither mousse, I could not define what it was and it wasn’t tasty.

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Rose has been awarded in Best Restaurant of the Year contest by Bacchus some years ago.

From the entrance it impresses with the interior with piano at the entrance, with enourmos paintings on the walls. They were a little more obtrusive than needed.

I liked the interior. The waiter was kind to us and the kids. The carte included not only traditional dishes like starters, salads, main and desserts, but also breakfast, like fried bread slices, English breakfast, 3 types of soup, kids menu, risotto and pasta.

What spoiled most my good impression is the  online radio broadcasting American old hits, including country, in total dissonance with the context and especially with the piano which was mute all the time.

Thank I realized that some of the dishes were good and some were dull. Some of them sounded better when I read them in the menu than they tasted. The almonds in the dessert were hazelnuts, which didn’t spoil its taste but I prefer to know this change in advance. The Bouillabaisse soup was good with abundance of sea food. However my favorite sea food soup is in Nemo, Varna. My husband praised the Foie Gras, but I cannot tell more since I didn’t taste it.

The wine list was rich with good presence of Bulgarian wines. I was hesitating between two of them and since one was missing we tried the second one – Sense of Tears 2014, which was not my favorite.

I would visit Rose again but if I haven’t got much time,  I would prefer to go to Pelican.

Address:  19 Aleko Bogoridi, Burgas, Bulgaria

Tel. +359 885 855 099

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8:00- 23:45

Rose logo

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