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Last visit with family in May 2016

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…. This cool, modern, urban interior with wooden tables and chairs, colorful, high and low, unpainted walls, even the toilet is different;

…. Book shelves, piano (only for decoration) , slogans, messages, here and there like unfinished natural wall;

…. The waiters’ smiles.


…. Pleasant service and good mood ;

…. The roughness of the wooden table, made of real wooden planks ;

…. The crispiness of the chicken fillets in cornflakes batter;

…. The crispy crust of the meat balls, formed during the grilling.


…. Contemporary and some modern hits but with totally different arrangement, hip-hop-funky like- very interesting music.

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…. The smoky smell of BBQ  of the meat balls, sausages, chicken wings, etc. ;

…. The smell of fresh buffalo cheese in the pink tomatoes salad;

…. The parsley served as a salad on the side with other dishes.


…. Definitely the meat balls, I tried the so called Special ones- with raisings, dried tomatoes, a little sweet but not much, very delicious, you can try also chilly meat balls and mono meat- chicken, veal;

…. Any other types of balls made of  fish,  chick-peas, parsley (these were more doughy than parsley like but the parsley salad on the side is worth it);

…. Grilled chicken wings – favorite to my younger daughter, as well as chicken fillets in cornflakes, described above;

…. Pink tomatoes salad- sweet tomatoes with fresh buffalo cheese and pepper pesto- true and tasty.

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Q-ftetaria (the name comes from the Bulgarian word kiufte, which means meat ball) is the elder sister of Bar SOCA. It was opened at the end of 2015, at a place which may seem strange to you. It is located on the 2nd floor of a building next to Garibaldi sq, used mainly for offices. However, when you enter there, you know already that you are at the right spot. Cool interior, captures your attention straight from the entrance and there is no way to leave without nice and tasty dining, including salads and BBQ. The products are good and it is clear from the dishes’ taste. I wish only they had craft beer- it would go perfect with the well selected BBQ meal. When I say BBQ , I don’t mean only meat but also vegetarian food.

Presently they are fixing a terrace in the open, among the old central buildings which will be also cool and colorful, I suppose, in the summer.

This is how I imagine a modern BBQ place – just like Q-fteria. I definitely recommend to visit it for a meat-ball-kiufte-BBQ fest. It is worth to switch on you Google Maps, input the address 1 Angel Kantchev str. And climb the stairs to the second floor. It is good to have a look at the photos here, since they will help you to spot the place.

I personally intend to go there soon.

Address:  1 Angel Kantchev str, Sofia, Bulgaria

Teл +359 884 232 167


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