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Last visit with family in May 2016

Rating by the 5D Sensograph of

Seen              5 hearts

Felt                2 hearts

Heard           2 hearts            

Smelled        2 hearts

Tasted          2 hearts

5D score: 2.4 out of 5.



…. Incredible architecture of old buildings, splendid view to old Tarnovo town and its houses perched on the rocks above Yantra river, old cobbled streets with nice artisan shops, the fortress Tsarevets, where the Bulgarian Tsars (kings)  were ruling over a big and prosperous Kingdome before the Osman invasion;

Nice interior –the designers of the place did a good job by putting some vintage accents and modern prints on the walls, as well as old-times red jolly chairs.

…. Incredible view to Assenevtsi memoral   and the typical old houses, perched in cascades on the rocks above Yantra river;

….. Pizza master, looking very professional, which makes you feel confident that you will have a good well prepared pizza;

….. Low quality ham on the Prosciutto pizza which spoils immediately the impression it makes;

…. Poorly presented sea-bass in the plate, it was tasty and deboned, though.


…. How they put you in a trap of the nice view to offer low quality of food, drinks and service to make BGN 5-6 extra profit- outrageous;

…. How they give you some suspicious drink instead of Pernod – neither the smell, nor the look had anything in common with the original drink, it was out of question even to taste it;

…. How the waitress is trying to convince you that this is exactly Pernod, (as if we didn’t know what Pernod is) because this is what the label of the bottle says and it will turn yellow if you pour some water; of course we return the delivered drink back, then she apologizes for the mistake, but it doesn’t matter at all!;

…. How difficult is to attract the attention of the waiters,  because they are just a few and the place is full with customers.


…. Too loud club music, not corresponding either with the interior, or the beautiful view out.

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…. The so called by the waitress Pernod, smelling like something like alcohol but even the typical anise scent was just vague;

…. Pizza dough, which smelled good, just, as expected;

…. Baraboy with meat, which did not have smell at all due to lack of herbs.


…. Tasteless baraboy with pork too meat and tasteless  potatoes,which are the main ingredient in this dish(barboy means potato in some dialects), as well as a little dry pieces of pork meat;

…. Cabbage, carrot and red beetroot salad, which was good, no mistakes were done here maybe because they serve it unseasoned;

…. Tasteless Prosciutto pizza, made with cheap low-quality ham;

…. Grilled sea-bass fish, served without the bonesthe only delicious thing that we had this evening; …. Mediocre spaghetti with too sweet sauce, which I had the feeling was made with ketchup.


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I haven’t been in a place working in the old notorious manner of  degrading Balkantourist from socialist times, with bad service and tricks with the food and drinks by the personnel aiming to steal from the customers and the restaurant’s income.

We had a very nice walk in Veliko Tarnovo, enchanted by the amazing old houses, along the small cobbled streets, admiring the genius architecture of Master Kolyo Fitcheto, remembering his phrase “I, master Kolyo Fitcheto will do this my way!”. At some point we felt tired and hungry and decided to sit in a restaurant with nice view to have a dinner.

We chose EGO 1, the one situated at 17 Nezavisimost str., due to the view and since it was recommended to us. It turned out lately that there were two restaurants on one and the same street with the same name. I am not sure if we visited the one that was recommended to us but this one was very sloppy.  I haven’t been in the other restaurant and can tell nothing about it. But here at his one they tried to trick us both with the drinks and the food. Only the view from the terrace was real, since they had no contribution to it, only exploiting it in the worst possible way.

The dish cards were with pictures, too many of them were offered, according to my opinion and I was wondering how they succeed to maintain such extensive list of meals. They offered both big and small bottles of wine, which was good. The waitress forgot the 4 bulky cards on the table and did not take away the used plates regularly, so the space on the table was very scarce.

It is so much pity that the wonderful location of the place is wasted in such outrageous manner.

In one sentence, I recommend NOT to visit EGO 1 on 17 Nezavisimost str., since you will get bad service and food and on top of it fake drinks. Better choose another place around, all of them are taking advantage equally from the splendid view to Veliko Tarnnovo.

Address:  17 Nezavisimost str, Veliko Tarnovo town, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 62 601 804

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