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Last visit with family in May 2016

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…. A house in the old traditional Bulgarian style with stone tiles roof, stone walls and woodwork, old household utensils but contemporary comfort;

…. Spacious rooms, some of them with baby cot;

…. Fully equipped kitchen  with oven, hot plates, microwave, coffee machine + coffee, boiling jug, tableware, glasses, cups, everything, only a cooking knife was missing but I suppose that if you ask the owners they will provide;

…. Small decoration details- traditional for the 19 and 20 century household appliances, books and magazines from the previous century, natural  handmade  carpets, flower pots;

…. Big old style terraces, with tables, wooden sofas and cushions;

…. Amazing view from the house to the village bellow;

…. Enormous yard with green grass and flowers;

…. Beautiful Rhodope mountain nature;

…. Posters with a poem by one of the best Bulgarian poets, a revolutionary from the 19 century Hristo Botev .


…. The hospitality, unity, commitment and even patriotism of the Juglevs family, the owners of the house and the Bratiata Pub;

…. The warmth and comfort coming from the fire in the fireplaces;

…. Serenity and exhilarating clean air, making you wake up early in the morning

…. Light and pleasant tiredness from the walk to the chapel, along the eco- path or along the road upwards to the meadows;

…. Discomfort if you haven’t got a toilet in the room;

…. Inability to make coffee due to malfunction of the coffee machine;

…. A little torn bed sheet, just a little, like in a village house.


…. A rooster early in the morning, reminding you that you have to get up and enjoy the beautiful nature of Rhodope Mountain;

…. The fascinating bird songs all around you;

…. The church bell on holidays in the morning;

…. The crackle of wood in the fireplace in the evening.

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…. The smell of burning wood from the chimney-pieces in cold days;

…. Blossoms, green grass, spring flowers, wild geranium.


…. A drink, in the evening in front of the fire with friends, if you have brought a bottle;

…. Any food that you brought and cooked by yourself in the well equipped kitchen;

…. The delicious meals from Bratiata Pub, which you can order beforehand and it will be delivered to the house by the owners.

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The Jyarova House was promoted to us by a friend and by the owners of Bratiata Pub when we were having a tour around, visiting Kovatchevitsa village some months ago. We booked the house for a couple of days in May for 4 families.

From the very beginning we felt the serenity and timelessness of this small, distant village, snugged in Rhodope mountain.

The Jyarova house is quite comfortable for 4 four-member families. It was necessary though to distribute some families in two rooms.

Each floor has a shared bathroom with shower, some of the rooms have bathroom, others– not.

You will be provided with a small and a big towels, a small soap and toilet paper. You should bring your own cosmetics, slippers and a hair dryer.

There is a big living room with a fire place on the ground floor, comfortable for playing games, listening to music, dining, etc.

You can spend very good time having long walks around, enjoying the clear air and beauty of nature.

I recommend visiting Kovatchevitsa and if you are a big company to stay at Jyarova Guest House. I hope you will have so much fun as we did.

Addresss: Kovatchevitsa village, Blagoevgrad Province, Bulgaria

Tel. +359 899 598 232, 888 347 478


For details about the location of Jyarova Guest House ask in Bratiata  Pub:


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