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Last visit with family in April 2016

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…. Interior which makes you feel homey- comfortable, safe;

…. Small decoration accents like flowers on each table, candles, decorated corners, interesting lighting.

…. The coffee cups, which are telling you a romantic story, the green water glasses and blue jug that make you feel colorful and bright.


…. Friendly attitude, comfort and coziness in the restaurant- don’t overact, don’t spread your legs on the table. 🙂

…. Friendly attitude to children, providing drawing materials for them.


…. Retro Bulgarian music, contemporary jazz, Cesaria Evora, the international anthem of socialism in an unrecognizable jazz version J, very nice music;

…. Soft conversations from the other tables, the place is small and people are trying to keep their voices down but no one will blame you if you feel like LOL.

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…. The smell of home-made products in the dishes, the sheep dairy products from Sarieva Kashla.


…. Dock leaves rolls with minced veal meat;

…. Caramel cream with nettle leaves- sounds strange but tastes cool;

…. Sulka fish under spinach – tender white fish, covered by spinach with cheese and nuts that make it crunch playfully in your mouth, the carrots from the garnish are steamed and chewy at the same time- the best I have ever tried, the kids are crazy about this dish;

…. Grilled sausage from Black Pig, with crispy crust, spring potatoes and a little sweet roasted pepper;

…. Кrokmach– an appetizer by an old authentic Bulgarian recipe, made of salted and thickened sheep milk, served with sliced tomato, cucumber, roasted pepper and tortilla;

…. Belgium chocolate cake with peaches, crunchy  base plate of pistachio with mascarpone and fresh strawberries on top, add to it an espresso, served in unique beautiful cups.

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We found with a little difficulty the place but it was totally worth the efforts. To enter Before 10 you have to go downstairs of a residential building. The restaurant closes at 10 pm and that is how comes the name Before 10.

The moment you go in, you feel as if you have come home. My kids immediately said: “Wow, it is very nice here!”, instead of the usual “Can I play with your phone when I get bored?”

Besides we felt at home, we dined alike. The meal is based on old Bulgarian recipes, arranged in a new contemporary way in the plates. The team of the restaurant even dares to experiment with fixed traditional perceptions. Let’s take for example the caramel cream with nettle leaves. I was a little reserved in the beginning but finally I had it with great pleasure. So, don’t be afraid to try  a dish the description of which sounds strange.

If you feel like eating an unusual thick soup, try the stirred nettles with goat cheese and curdled egg, with corn bread on the side- this could be a life saver.

If you want to dine in a very cool place with authentic Bulgarian cuisine, presented in a contemporary manner, visit Before 10 !

Address: 1 Milko Bichev str, Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 884 935 857

Mail: office@before10.eu

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 12-22 h

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