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Chef Heinz von Holtz has organized a great culinary spectacle in which we were both an audience and actors. He was telling us interesting things, demonstrating, cooking and we were trying, mixing, folding, laughing a lot with his subtle sense of humour. But apart from the pure entertainment from the heart, we received very interesting information about the life and culture of the people of Bali Island, about the traditional cuisine, about various cooking techniques and tricks. Extremely entertaining experience, enriched with educational value.

I want to tell you about a very impressive example of fine customer experience “staging”, whose “director” is the owner of Bumbu Bali restaurant and Rumah Bali Villas at Nusa Dua, Bali-Chef Heinz von Holzen.

When I write about some interesting place, I perceive it not only through the prism of my tool the 5DSensograph, which evaluates what it heard, saw, smelled, tasted and felt, but also through the theory about Experience Economy.

I had the pleasure again this year to attend the ceremony Restaurant of the Year for 2018 by Bacchus Magazine. And you know what- the event was on the Birthday Eve of the magazine.The grand dinner on the award ceremony covered all important aspects for a good and memorable experience. According to the Experience Economy theory by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore, the good experiences should be directed as drama in theatres, in which the customer is actually both a spectator and an actor.