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A Discovery of Witches with third and last season on HBO

The At Home column appeared in the midst of the pandemic and most sever lockdown in Bulgaria. Through it, placescases.com tries to show that even at home one can be transferred to a different interesting place, or to an exciting event.

I continue the rubric with reviews about movies and series on online platforms, home-watchable. I already told you about Don’t Look Up on Netflix and the TV shows And Just Like That and Euphoria on HBO, now I continue with a new season of an old TV series.

I don’t like series that rely on thriller, adventure, mystery, but continue a remarkable amount of seasons. In contrast, A Discovery of Witches adheres to a foreseeable and good number 3 and this shows a good sense of proportion and a good instinct for not turning it into an annoying chewing gum recitative. In fact, the main reason for this choice is that it is based on a book, which also consists of 3 parts.

For those who haven’t seen the first two seasons and are now considering whether to give it a chance, I will briefly say that the film is a romantic tale for grown-up children with a Gothic style. The action revolves around the triumvirate of super-beings – vampires, witches and demons. The first two are somehow more interesting, with more superpowers, and the demons seem to be a minority, which until the 3rd season we do not understand with what super qualities shine, but serve as a balance in the struggle for supremacy of the first 2. Teenagers would like the movie because besides passionate love and magic, there is also action. Adults, who like romantic stories will be fascinated by the sexy superman-vampire-vegetarian (because he refrains from drinking human blood and is on a strict diet so as not to look like such a monster), with a brilliant British accent , who was a very bad boy in his past, somewhere 500 or 1000 years ago, played perfectly by Matthew Goode, who in the film is again Matthew, but from the old French Clermont family, defending at the risk of his millennial life, at first glance inwardly fragile, curly-haired, looking insecure witch, uttering a sweet round Australian “r” and bravely defending their forbidden love. Yes, there is little Romeo-Juliet motive, but here it is not Montecchi-Capuleti, but vampires-witches, and there are demons somewhere. It’s a lot of fun and even the antagonists, i.e. the bad guys look very cool and impressive. Fine as a statuette an Afro vampire that takes your breath away with its beauty, a Scandinavian brave and arrogant witch, of course there is a gay couple to have all the variety in the film. It is funny and the important thing is that it fails to get the audience bored. It ends just like a fairy tale, but I won’t say exactly how. In addition to Matthew Goode, who we saw in Downtown Abbey, Imitation games, Match Point, The Crown also stars Lindsay Duncan, from Alice Through the Looking Glass and The Leftovers, here as an aristocratic vampire, “mother” of the sexy vampire Matthew, Owen Teale. who was also in Game of Thrones, here as a very negative character and witch and many others, all familiar faces and all artists playing in British theater.

The last season, as expected, is a denouement and retribution. I dare not reveal anything more.

You can try watching A Discovery of Witches. It tastes like cheesecake, with a crunchy loaf, apricot flavor, fluffy cream, accompanied by a cup of tart English tea and a little magic powder to sneeze sweet. All 3 seasons have been published on HBO, you can even bingewatch it. However, I warn you that when you eat the first piece, i.e. first season, you will attack the other two. Don’t say later that you found it too sweet. 😉

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