Севиля/ Seville

A quick guide to Seville, Spain, part 1- 15 interesting facts about the city

Seville is the main city in Andalucia. You pronounce it Sebiya. The city is not very big, its population is approx. 700 thousand. It is located on the Guadalquivir river, which is the only navigable river in Spain. What not to miss seeing and doing in Seville and what to watch out for you can find out if you continue reading this short guide.

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15 facts about Seville:

1. One of the largest cathedrals in the world, Santa Maria, is located in Seville.


2. The Mudéjar architectural style, with its filigree lace ornaments, can be seen in the oldest buildings from 15 century, including the Alcázar castle. It was influenced by the Moors, who ruled these lands for a long time. The buildings mostly date back to the 15th century and earlier. It’s an incredibly rich architectural heritage!

Стилът Мудехар, Севиля/ Mudejar style, Seville

3. The motto of Seville is NO8DO. You will see it everywhere: on flags, signs, even on the covers of street sewers. In its full form, it reads “no me ha dejado,” which means “It has not abandoned me.” One of the legends is that this phrase was said by King Alfonso X the Wise as a gratitude you for the loyalty of the people of Seville. However, there is also a version that it means Nomen Domini, “In the name of God.”

NO8DO- лозунгът на Севиля/ the slogan of Seville

4. Andalusia is the cradle of flamenco: make sure to attend at least one show. I even went twice because I enjoyed it so much, despite having seen it before.

5. Bullfighting is still practiced in Seville, and there is even a championship. It turns out that this is a whole business and not so easy to ban, as they did in Barcelona.

6. Religion is very strong here, and religious holidays are celebrated extensively with impressive processions, which cause streets and boulevards to be closed. It’s a good idea to check if there is a major holiday during your visit so you can plan to watch the processions, listen to an outdoor concert, and be aware that during holidays, many people travel by train to nearby cities. We wanted to go to Jerez but found out that it was the second-largest religious holiday, Corpus Christi, and there were no train tickets available to Jerez or other nearby cities. Art is heavily influenced by religion, and there are many churches in the city. The church also played a significant role during the age of great geographical discoveries.

7. It gets very hot as early as May. Be prepared for high temperatures, protect yourself from the sun, plan breaks in the shade, or visit indoor attractions between 2 and 4 PM. Stop frequently for cold drinks at cafes or simply carry water with you.

8. Many establishments close between 2 and 6 PM, but not all of them, so just check Google Maps. In the evening, they are open until midnight, but their kitchens close at 11 PM, so plan your meals carefully.

9. Orange trees are everywhere, along with giant ficus trees. I don’t recommend eating the fallen oranges as they are sour, but you can take some to freshen up your room—they have a lovely fragrance.

Фикус в Севиля/ Ficus in Seville
A giant Ficus in Seville

10. Every establishment offers excellent wine by the glass: the white variety here is Verdejo, and the red wine is from Rioja, primarily made from the Tempranillo grape. Try Crianza as well, which is Rioja aged for at least 6 months in oak. Also, the sherry comes from the nearby town of Jerez de la Frontera, so try that too. Note that not all sherry is a sweet wine, ask the waiter beforehand for it. The local most popular is Manzanilla.

11. In the historic center, the streets are very narrow, but cars and scooters still navigate through. The sidewalks are extremely narrow, so be aware of the traffic and stay safe.

Тесните улички в центъра на Севиля/ The narrow streets in the center of Seville
The narrow streets in the center of Seville

12. The taxi from the airport to the center is not expensive, ranging between 29 and 36 euros. Considering that the bus ticket is 5 euros per person, a taxi is also a good option for a family of 4. To get a better rate, download the Pide Taxi app. You can register a card in it or pay with your card in the taxi. Otherwise, a pre-booked transfer from the airport is 36 euros.

13. The local beer is Cruzcampo: it’s good and widely available on tap, as well as in non-alcoholic or low-alcohol versions with lemon flavor, called Radler.

14. Not everyone speaks English, including the young people.

15. Eating out at restaurants is cheaper than in Bulgaria.

In the next part two of this guide to Seville in which I recommend what to do in the city.

See a short movie about Seville to prepare for Part 2 and 3 (3:13 min).

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