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A short guide for the visitor to Plovdiv

August 2020

While the warm autumn is still going on, you can plan a trip to Plovdiv, theu European Cultural Capital 2019. There is always a rich program of cultural events. Also, it is very nice to visit the galleries, old houses and museums in the Old Town, to get lost in the streets of the artistic district of Kapana, to walk in the parks with the fountains and …. read more in the post what else.

Where to stay?

Wondering where to stay? You can get ideas from the publications in the Plovdiv category. In the post The advantages of staying in a guest house in Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture for 2019, I tell you about two guest houses that we liked. In case you want a hotel with an outdoor pool, with a nice view of the regatta venue, read Landmark Creek Hotel in Plovdiv- Nice View to the Regatta Venue and Reminiscence of Past Times in Bulgarian Tourism. If you are looking for a small and cute hotel, both near the railway station in Plovdiv and near the center, see the publication Atmosphere of an old bourgeois town house in Hotel Antique, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Book your stay here. For your convenience, I added a booking.com box, which refers directly to their site. I guarantee you’re going to use all your genius discounts and privileges they would offer to you. Just enter the dates of your trip, then hit the Search button and voila. In addition, booking.com are doing their best to make sure that your expectations as a customer are fulfilled.

Where to eat very tasty?

For traveling gourmands, I highly recommend Tams House in Kapana and Pavaj. I have especially good news for fans of Japanese cuisine. Here is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Bulgaria. It is called Japonica and is located on Peshtersko Shosse. It’s worth taking a taxi and getting there. Read about it in Japonica – the best Japanese restaurant in Bulgaria.

Where to take the children?

If you are with children, it would be interesting for them to play and manage the colors and dance of the fountains at the military club on Central Square in the evening.

Where to see conventional and non-traditional art?

Go to an exhibition. The new hall of the Plovdiv City Gallery, on 32 Gladstone Street, is very nice, spacious and bright.


Take a tour of the city’s graffiti and street art locations. Most of them are concentrated in Kapana and on the back of the Drama Theater. I wrote about this type of street art in Plovdiv in What footnotes did I put about the underground art places in Plovdiv?




Where to go for cool cocktails and a party with live music?

Kapana, the artistic district in the center of Plovdiv, has an active not only day but also night life. The last time we were there, we were looking for a cocktail bar. We headed to where Gingertale was. There we found a new bar called Q Bar. It also offered cocktails, and the neighboring one, Marmalade, had live music, which all visitors to Bratya Pulevi Street had the pleasure to take advantage of.

This is what the party looked like.

And here is what we found last year, again in Kapana, when Plovdiv was the European Capital of Culture 2019 and there were many international cultural events in the city.


Where to drink nice coffee, cool and sweeten yourself?

Here are some ideas for cooling down and sweetening along the way of your walks:

Turkish confectionery in Jumayata. Very nice oriental syrupy desserts.

Cakes Chochko – there are not only cakes, but also ice cream, sandwiches and iced homemade tea …

Dolce Fellini, to Hemingway. Many types of Italian ice cream and all other desserts such as macarons, meringue ….


In the center, at the post office, is Afredoice cream house on 2 floors. Shakes, sundae, soft drinks – just in time, when you are already very hot from a long walk in the center.


How to get to all these places?

In the posts themselves there are Google  maps, with marked locations, but for your convenience I put one here with all the above mentioned places. You press the red pin at the desired location and then directions to get the map there.

3 St.Valentine Street, 4001, 4001 Ловен Парк, Пловдив, България

пл. „Джумаята“, ул. „Железарска“ 1, 4000 Център, Пловдив, България

ул. „Генерал Гурко“ 15, 4000 Център, Пловдив, България

ул. „Гладстон“ 2, 4000 Център, Пловдив, България

ул. „Гладстон“ 4, 4000 Център, Пловдив, България

ул. „Княз Александър I-ви“ 38, 4000 Център, Пловдив, България

ul. "William Gladstone 32, 4002 Център, Пловдив, България

ул. „Братя Пулеви“ 3, 4000 Капана, Пловдив, България

ул. „Братя Пулеви“ 1, 4000 Капана, Пловдив, България

бул. „Пещерско шосе“ 82, 4001 Западна промишлена зона, Пловдив, България

ул. „Златарска“ 7, 4000 Капана, Пловдив, България

Zagreb 4, 4000 Капана, Пловдив, България

бул. „Васил Априлов“ 1А, 4002 Център, Пловдив, България

pl. Vazrazhdane 1, 4000 Център, Пловдив, България

бул. „6-ти Септември“ №178, 4000 Стария град, Пловдив, България

If you need to rent a car , you can book it here in the box of the largest booking platform.

I’m sure I missed mentioning many other interesting places, so check out the Plovdiv category. Add comments under the post, suggestions, opinions, if you wish.

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