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Ahora of Chief Sevda Dimitrova on YouTube channel of Placescases.com

Hello, wonderful admirers of placescases.com!

My visits to the Ahora of MasterChef Sevda Dimitrova impressed me so much, that I decided to make a video of my materials from there and to upload it in the new YouTube channel of placescases.com.

The 5D Sensograph of  placescases.com gave 5 hearts to Ahora on my last visit and they are not random. First we received them from Chef Sevda with her elegant menu for the 8 March holiday, and then I gladly returned them to her in my last post.

Here’s the movie, neat, with short descriptions, I hope you like it! If so, hit the like sign, please! 🙂

Oh, and don’t forget to turn on the subtitles!

If you like this more dynamic incremental form of presentation of the places I visit and appreciate it, please subscribe to the new YouTube channel of placescases.com.

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To go to Ahora, click on the red pin in the Google Maps box below, and then press Directions:

бул. „Никола Й. Вапцаров“ 25A, 1407 Хладилника, София, България

А: Sofia, Bul. 25 а Nikola Vaptsarov Street

T: + 359 2 468 05 70

is: ahorabg@gmail.com

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