Averna & Pears by One More Bar, Sofia, photo by placescases.com

Chemistry, history classes and party time with Bar of the Year 2018 by Bacchus magazine, Sofia 

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For the first time I was at such an event dedicated to mixology and I liked it terribly!

I don’t usually go to night clubs because after 24 pm everybody smokes indoors which I hate much. So for several years I have not paid calls to night clubs and bars and didn’t notice that Mixology has developed in Bulgaria and has reached quite high levels in some places. This event has ignited me to draw attention to this part of the hospitality business and now, when I plan a trip, I strive to visit a bar that makes good cocktails. Also, I decided to pay regular visits to the places that took part in the event Bar of the Year by Bacchus magazine, because the cocktails, which they demonstrated pretty much impressed me! I fill my Instagram account with pictures of them, but they are far from creating the pleasure of tasting them live.

On their  birthday  eve, the small and very devoted team of  Bacchus magazine organized for the first time in its history an event dedicated to the bars and it was quite well received! In two consecutive days they made two totally different events- first bar of the year, with all its club atmosphere and leisure and restaurant of the year with its ceremonial, high style and outstanding synchronicity between teams, companies, bartenders, cooks…

In the following lines I will highlight the most impressive moments of the mixology master class and the party with the best bars in Bulgaria.

See ….

…. Club atmosphere with educational elements- it is very exciting to learn something new and extremely interesting, and you will try it afterwards;

…. Young spirit and energy from the lecturers, the audience;

…. Slides with schemes of organic chemistry in the presentations on the screen-since the 10th grade I have never seen such 😊;

…. The chronology of mixology development in graphs and photos;

…. The cocktails design- amazing and even more impressive to taste. And the master moves of bartenders are like a spectacle.

Feel ….

…. Friendliness- the lecturers were open to all kinds of conversations, opinions exchange. Georgi Radev, founder of the Lake Kane Bar in London, even said that we should call him when we go there. I would try gladly his tiki cocktails;

By the way tiki is tropical type cocktail on rum base. It is very refreshing especially on summer evenings!

…. The concentrated accurate work of bartenders, in combination with their ability to communicate with customers, despite the hustle and bustle. I liked most the drinks by Funky Monkey from Veliko Tarnovo, Travel Cocktails by Pavel Pamukchiev, who ranked in the first 20 at the World Class Cocktail Competition, the young people from KulturaBar, Varna and those of One More Bar in Sofia. There were some others too but you should see the movie to understand who they were.

Listen ….

…. The music at the award ceremony was unique- funk beats, loved them!

Smell ….

…. Pears, Bitters, Apple mousses…. Amazing combinations- exquisite, thoughtful, exciting flavours!


Taste ….

…. Averna & Pear, named Lombardo in the menu of One More Bar, Handyman by Funky Monkey, Veliko Tarnovo, 17:32 and Mikey Finn, by Kultura Bar in Varna, every cocktail by Pavel  Pamukchiev from Travel Cocktail,Blacktail by 5L Speakeasy bar;

By the way, speakeasy bars were illicit establishments which were selling alcohol during the Prohibition in USA. Now speakeasy means a retro style bar.

…. There was exclusive catering, including bites for vegans;

…. Jun Yoshida had prepared three types of delicious surprises in combination with a wonderful Serbian rakia Hubert, which was offered as a gift from MasterCard;

The winners were:

  1. ForOverall Contribution-Bar By the Way. Try Spring Clarified Punch and Summer Hurrcane.
  2. The Readers Award was won by Tequila Bar Funky Monkey, Veliko Tarnovo. If you go to Tarnovo, visit it and try Handymancocktail.
  3. The Cocktail Bar Award went to the Cocktail Barwell what to do, tautology of the names of the category and bar.
  4. Happy Pig was awarded as Best Restaurant Bar. However, it is closing soon, since June Joshida has ideas for a new project.

I think a worthy nomination next year would be Karmare restaurant for Best Restaurant Bar. The gin based cocktail with bonito infusion in combination with a lovage was something that truly amazing.

Whether you’re just a cocktail lover or a bartender, I recommend master classes and even more the evening party and award ceremony at Bar of the year of Bacchus.

Movie watching time: 10:11

Once again Bravo to Gigi Lagadinova, the chief editor of Bacchus magazine and her team, for the good idea and great organization!

I’m looking forward to the event next year!

By then, I’m going to visit my favorite bars that made the coolest cocktails at Bar of the year.

If you are planning already a trip to Sofia, you can book your stay right here. For your convenience, I added a booking.com box, which refers directly to their site. I guarantee you’re going to use all your genius discounts and privileges they would offer to you. Just enter the dates of your trip, then hit the Search button and voila. In addition, booking.com are doing their best to make sure that your expectations as a customer are fulfilled. I’ve described an example about the latter in  my story about our stay in Shangri-La hotel in Singapore.


Don’t worry about getting to the bars I mention above. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pins of their locations and then select directions:

One More Bar, By The Way, 5L speakeasy bar in Sofia

ул. „Цар Иван Шишман“ 15, 1000 Център, София, България

ул. „Георги С. Раковски“ 166, 2227 Old City Center, София, България

ул. „Цар Иван Шишман“ 12, 1000 Център, София, България

Tequila Bar Funky Monkey in Veliko Tarnovo

ул. „Стефан Стамболов“ 32, 5000 ж.к. Варуша-север, Велико Търново, България

Speakeasy Kultura Bar in Varna

Dragoman 25 str, 9000 Варна Център, Варна, България

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