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Which were the best restaurants in Bulgaria for 2018 according to Bacchus Magazine? – Part 2  

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In the first part of this publication I explained in more detail about Best Restaurant of the Year 2018 award ceremony by Bacchus magazine, because it resembled a performance that brings the four main characteristics of a nice and memorable experience as stated in The Experience Economy by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore[i].

Which are these features you can read in more detail in the publication Which were the best restaurants in Bulgaria for 2018 according to Bacchus Magazine- Part 1?

But I haven’t told you yet who won! 😊 This part now is especially dedicated to the stars of the show- the awarded restaurants and their chefs.

In the wonderfully decorated hall, with references to the Spanish culture, Picaso – style animated visuals and music from the Spanish-speaking world, hosted by the musician Miso Yosifov, who last year was responsible for the live music, Best Restaurant of the Year for 2018  became Cosmos, Sofia, with Chef Vladislav Penov and owner Nikolay Grigorov.

I have been wating for a long time Cosmos to win the grand prize and this is already a fact. Hurrah! Congratulations! You deserve it, people!

When they opened and settled firmly on the gourmet map of Bulgaria, their head was Chef Boykovski. Now he is in Karmare, Sofia, but that did not stop them to thank him for this reward because he pushed them powerfully in their journey to the gastronomic peaks.

The award for Creative cuisine went to one of my favourtie places in Sofia ANDRe  by Chef Tokev, and aEstivum, with Chef Vassil Spasov. Again thanks to Bacchus magazine,  on one of their  wine tours, I had the opportunity to try the dishes of this wonderful chef in the restaurant of the eponymous mansion in Zornitsa village. As a result, every time I visit the region of Sandanski, I stop there. Nicolas 0/360 in Sofia also got this award.

Delicious places this year are Bistrello and The Happy Pig both in Sofia. If you like to eat in “the pig”, hurry to visit it, because it’s going to close soon. Jun Yoshida, the owner, has plans for a new project that I am personally looking forward to see.

The World Cuisine award was grabbed by  L’Etranger, with their lovely French dishes and Hamachi-Ni, with their Japanese style. Both places are very much liked by our family, especially by our children- very important participants in our family decisious making process.

I am very pleased that the Readers’ choice restaurant has become again Pavaj. When  we travel to Plovdiv, we obligatory dine at least once there. However, they must start accepting card payments, otherwise everything else is great!

Plovdiv is the European capital of culture for 2019? I recommend you to visit it several times. Many cultural events are planned, concerts, exhibitions. Some of the best performances are in the Ancient theatre. You must go to see an opera there!

Mentioning the beautiful historical town of Plovdiv, the award for Debut in 2018 went to Tam’s House, which I have been following on the internet and I have planned to visit during my next trip to Plovdiv. The other place that won is a restaurant dedicated to beef – Manzo, Sofia. To my greatest regret and amazement, the last time when I was in Manzo, they served us (and not as a compliment, as in most Italian restaurants, but we ordered it) the limoncello liqueur in ordinary whiskey glasses instead of in a tulip glass. When I asked why they can’t give us proper glasses, I was explained that there were more special guests who had the glasses and they didn’t have clean for us. I found it outrageous that they categorize in such way the customers, so I don’t think you’re going to read anything from me about this restaurant anymore.

In category New Wave-Brunch Restaurant the award was taken by Multi Kulti, Plovdiv and Fabrica Daga, Sofia, also owned by Nikolay Grigoriv, owner of Cosmos.

As a Timeless classic, was appointed the Architect’s club, Sofia.

Nicolas 0/360 took an award for Wine list and Drinks DiVino.

Read the first part of this post and see the movie in it.

Watching movie time: 7 min.

I’m already looking forward to the next year ceremony. I personally believe that Karmare in Sofia must enter the nominations for the Best restaurant.

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[i] The Experience Economy, updated edition, Harvard Business Review Press, Boston, Massachusetts, by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore   

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