The most delicious burgers with beer at Boom Burger, Sofia, Bulgaria


Reviewed  6 March 2015, last visited 28 February 2015,  friends and family

See: urban design with an open cooking area, where the burgers are prepared in front of you

Smell: the aroma of fresh steak

Taste: the succulent grilled Black Angus beef steaks, cheese, fresh salad- salt, sweet and sour in perfect combination

Experience: fast service of young smiling people

I have already shared in TripAdvisor that this is the best burger place in Sofia, Bulgaria and still it is.

Every now and then when I feel like having something very delicious without much fuss and ado, I visit Boom burger. I abandon diet eating or caring about calories and indulge in the booming combination of tastes. Fresh grilled meat of Black Angus beef, fresh salads, soft bun, sour cucumbers, good beer and wine- all in perfect combination tempt even the most demanding customers. If you start imagining it is just another fast food you will be totally wrong. This food is prepared with care and respect to qualitative eating, it is powered by skills and knowledge of gourmet practices. The menu is small but very well selected. For vegetarian or strong dieters, you have  options of meatless, bunless, fish, chicken or salad only dish. And if you are just strolling and not driving, have a beer or some wine. There is some good choice of drinks which can accompany your food and chat.


The place is very much preferred by young urban people, who appreciate everything the young Boom team can offer.  Many ex-pats take a walk along the pedestrian street of Vitoshka to visit the best-in town-burgers-place. The interior is simple, not pretentions, since definitely the accent is the food and your companions with whom you share the pleasure of this meal. Families with kids also opt for it, like me for example. I would recommend just a little more care about the hygiene in the toilet, just a bit, since when you pass by to have a look at the cooking area, you cannot avoid noticing the occasionally open door and the napkins which are brimming over the trash bin.

The success of this restaurant concept is obvious and the owners are expanding not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad. So more people will enjoy the real taste of delicious burger, not the junk version of famous big chains.

To be honest, while writing about Boom burgers, my mouth got wet and I already wish to order delivery or visit them as soon as possible. Yummy!!!



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