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Last visit with family in May 2016

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…. Wooden door, yard and house with authentic architecture in old Bulgarian tradition, roof with stone tiles, like most of the houses in Kovachevitsa;

…. Old style interior, stone walls and floor, wooden furniture;

…. Household appliances from the old lifestyle of Bulgarian villages, a piano (not sure if it is in a working condition), other objects, symbols, in a kitschy competition for space and visitors’ attention;

…. Bulgaria map from old ages, when it was biggest in territory- very useful to look at it to know how powerful was the Bulgarian kingdom;

…. Sometimes bread crumbs on the vacant tables and some stains on the covers– not very pleasant to sit at such a table and consume anything on it;

….. The fire place, where you can warm up, used also for BBQ or for roasting lamb in a big saucepan in the old fashion.


…. Open and forward communication by the owners in the typical manner for close people from one and the same village;

…. Atmosphere from old times, serenity.


…. Old pop hits from the 70s and 80s – very amusing and nostalgic for us Bulgarians;

…. Loud TV sometimes,  the worst choice for such a wonderful place, however I believe it was because of the holiday events, as if we cannot feel the holiday mood without someone from the TV to tell us how to experience it;

…. Sharp orders and commotion by the seniors to the rest of the staff during heavy duty times with customers;

… Foreign language speech in the pub– obviously guests from Americas and Europe have heard already about the beauty of our country and the natural tasty food in our hospitable small villages.

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…. Natural odour of yogurt, prepared in old fashion with natural Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus –  home-made and authentic, both cow and sheep;

…. Home made jam from aronia, forest berries, figs, etc. in combination with yogurt they are a perfect breakfast or dessert if you prefer;

…. Flavourful wine made of aronia, blue berries, raspberries – very delicious and drinkable but pay attention and limit its consummation since it is sweet and may cause terrible hang over;

…. The herbs  bouquet in the home-made sausage;

…. Savoury in the lentils soup;

…. The smoky trace in the home-made appetizers – lyutenitsa and kyopoolu.


…. Natural home-made yogurt and if its taste is too sharp for you, try to mix it with jam;

…. Toast with savoury mince meat and cheese or with ecological eggs and white Bulgarian cheese – wonderful breakfast;

…. Mekitsi – it is traditional Bulgarian breakfast made of fried dough pieces, which you can combine with sugar, jam, or if you prefer cheese;

…. Lentils soup – kids’s favourite;

…. Coffee in a tin pot– thick and bitter, add baklava and you have a perfect Middle East breakfast;

…. Shopksa salad – it impresses with its sweet tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and home-made cheese;

…. Home-made grilled sausage – it was the hit of our group;

…. Home-made cold fillets and sausages- beef and pork jerky, sazdarma, bacon, you can buy any of them and take it away.

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Kovachevitsa is a small cute village in Bulgaria, snugged in the Rhodope mountain, where the road ends but not the telecom signal. It is famous among its visitors as a place with beautiful nature, delicious food, clean air and people hospitality, where you can get unique experience at a ridiculous low price.

We were a company of 4 families and we rented one of the houses in the village, owned by the Juglevs family- The Jyarova Guest House, and we were dining at Bratiata Inn, also owned by them. It is in the middle of the village and the second crossroad on the main road.

Guests and visitors of local towns and villages come here even for one time dining, since it is famous with its delicious home-made food and natural products. You can even buy some of their production- wine made of aronia, blueberry, raspberry, home-made sausages and jerky.

I  had an anniversary and the hosts made for me a home-made biscuit cake- very delicious!

I strongly recommend visiting Kovachevitsa and respectively Bratiata Inn for lavish, delicious, home-made, qualitative meal. Try not to overeat, which I know is almost impossible.

Address:  centre of Kovachevitsa, Blagoevgrad Province, Bulgaria

Tel. +359 899 59 82 32

+ 359 888 347 478

Open hours: Mon-Sun 8:30- until the last customer leaves

Logo Bratiata

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