Хотел Калиси Hotel Calisi

Calisi Hotel, next to Beton Hala, Belgrade

Hotel Calisi is brand new, it opened at the beginning of 2023 and has a strategic position next to Beton Hala, famous for its dining and nightlife.

December 2023

Rating for Calisi hotel by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.6 out of 5.

        5 сърца 12920

        4 hearts rating 129x20

        4 hearts rating 129x20

        5 сърца 12920

        5 сърца 12920

Experience accents as per the 5D Sensograph:

See straight from the entrance a cheerful composition of 3 polar bears that play and move when you press a button. The decoration in the hotel and the restaurant for the upcoming holidays. Some of the rooms have a nice view of the Sava River, but they have a higher price.

Feel cold rooms. Good location next to Beton Hala. The convenience of having secure parking at the hotel, for a fee, of course.

Hear famous hits from the radio in the restaurant. Quite noisy for the rooms with a view of the Sava River from the traffic – the windows do not insulate well.

Smell the wonderful appetizing aromas of locally produced products at breakfast.

Taste one of the best hotel breakfasts we’ve had all year.


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See in Calisi hotel …

… Beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere: we were immediately struck by the holiday spirit of the hotel.

… The installation of musician polar bears: a great attraction both for young and adults. We were often tempted to press the button to make them play and took pictures of ourselves dancing with them.

… The wonderful view of the Sava River from the window of some of the rooms, of course for a higher price.

Feel  in Calisi Hotel

… Availability of parking at the hotel: if you are on a trip for skiing or for other reasons you need parking, the hotel has an underground garage, which is a great convenience. It costs 10 euros a day.

… Cold in the rooms: we tried to heat the room from the rheostat locally and although the reception tried to raise the temperature centrally, it still didn’t work, it remained cold. Unlike the rooms, the restaurant was quite warm.

… Pleasant service: the staff speaks English, the housekeeping are of Indian origin, and are very nice and kind – they always say hello.

… Convenient location: next to Beton Hala, the historical Kali Megdan fortress, the central Kniezh Mihailova Street and the newly built conglomerate of highly positioned properties on the Sava River – Belgrade Waterfront. The latter has already become a tourist attraction with its expensive-looking buildings, restaurants and boutiques.

… Nice shampoos, gels and lotions in the bathroom and well loaded minibar: cosmetics are Rituals, in a drawer in the bathroom there are slippers, a toothbrush, a shaving kit, a sewing kit, a bathing cap, and other things. The mini bar was quite well stocked. 2 complimentary bottles of water. Nescafe and tea – also compliments, but no espresso machine

Hear in CalisiHotel

… It is quite noisy in the rooms facing the Sava river: since the hotel is located on one of the main streets, Karadjordjeva, there is a lot of traffic and unfortunately the windows do not isolate the noise.

… Nice music hits in the restaurant but from the radio.

… The views of representatives of the Serbian population on various geopolitical issues: Serbs are frank people, they do not try to be politically correct in their statements. If you talk to them, they will gladly share what they think, but only if you ask them. Otherwise, they will not impose their views on you. If you decide to communicate, you will learn interesting things, but I advise you not to argue with them. They can also guide you to other interesting places around Belgrade.

Movie-watching time: 2:51 min.

Smell in Calisi Hotel

… Super appetizing aromas of breakfast products: breakfast is full of typical Serbian cuisine delicacies, everything is very fresh, of great quality and locally produced.

Taste  in Calisi Hotel

… Wonderful breakfast – one of the best we have come across this year: wonderful local charcuterie, cheese, snacks, bread – all typical representatives of Serbian cuisine. My favorite is Serbian cornmeal bread with cheese, cream and ajvar, which is very similar to the Bulgarian lyutenica, but different. An extremely diverse bar with milk drinks – cold milk, chocolate or strawberry. But I was most impressed by the variety of charcuterie – all of it is local and made from very tender meat. An omelet or eggs are prepared separately in the open kitchen.

… The cocktails at the bar in the restaurant: they made us 2 different ones, quite good, but they don’t offer a compliment of nuts or any other appetizer.

I recommend Hotel Calisi, both for a family stay and as a business hotel, not only because of the convenience of being close to Beton Hala and Belgrade’s Waterfront, but also because of the good quality

How to get to Calisi hotel?

Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

A: Karađorđeva 35, Beograd 11000, Serbia

T: +381116965800

E: hotel@calisi.rs

Check-in: 14:00 Check-out: 11:00

How to book your stay?

I recommend that you check the packages that the hotel offers on their website because they are very affordable. But for your convenience, I have also put a box on booking.com. Compare the prices and choose an option.


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