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Publications with analyses on the practical application of the Experience Economy by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore. Do you wonder why some places are so different from others in service, environment, as a general experience? Then you are also interested like placescases.com in this topic.

See which places are best examples of the Experience Economy. Learn what differentiates them from their competitors.

What it’s like to be served by a train instead of a waiter, you can find out from the post about the Vytopna restaurant in Prague, in the only blog for reviews and evaluations of interesting places through the prism of the 5 human senses – placescases.com

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I got the answer to this question with the greatest pleasure on a rakia dedicated workshop, led by Svetlio and Gerry, the people behind the well-known rakiashop.eu, which took place Bar Sputnik. Read the review to learn more.

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When I researched the options to stay somewhere in Istanbul with my family, somehow at first glance I fell in love with the photos and descriptions of the Pera Palace Hotel. It is a real museum and as a time machine transfers you to the 19th c., when the passengers of the famous Orient Express stayed there.

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