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Constantinoff RestoBar, Sofia, photo by placescases.com

Constantinoff RestoBar is the newest place in Sofia indeed, besides, as soon as you see it you can not pass it with indifference. It is exceptional in every aspect, and they are three altogether. Read more about them in the new review & rate post on the blog placescases.com

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Our taxi left us on a boulevard, and imagine our astonishment when we looked around and saw nothing that resembled a restaurant. There wasn’t a plate, a sign or at least some colorful lights. Even people and cars rarely passed. The driver assured us that this was the address and left. We were walking around with our google maps but we saw nothing looking like Salon 5. Then we called the restaurant. It turned out that there was a big surprise for us. Read further what it was about.

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Mala Fabrika Ukusa-MFU, is the sister of the already described Ambar and Toro, which are on Beton Hala. Unlike the modern and party style of the last two, MFU is a small neat restaurant, with rustic interior, offering delicious dishes, grills and other local specialties.

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