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See a review and a short film about an interesting bar. Examin a speciall selection of bars by placescases.com. Check-up its rating by the 5D Sensograph about their cocktails and ambiance, based on the 5 human senses. Cheers!

See what you can eat and drink in Quartal Food Park in Sofia, so that you can satisfy all your 5 senses there.

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Which bar in Sofia delivers exclusive ready-made cocktails for home and organizes online mixology courses? placescases.com tells about the 5L Speakeasy Bar.

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Constantinoff RestoBar, Sofia, photo by placescases.com

Constantinoff RestoBar is the newest place in Sofia indeed, besides, as soon as you see it you can not pass it with indifference. It is exceptional in every aspect, and they are three altogether. Read more about them in the new review & rate post on the blog placescases.com

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