IndoChine, Singapore,
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Dinner in the nest of a Supertree, surrounded by jazz music in IndoChine, Singapore

A belated review, but it is never too late to share the impression of such a wonderful place as the restaurant IndoChine.Every time we travel to Singapore, we visit it. We like its cuisine because of the original interpretation and presentation of Asian cuisine, mixed with western style, and also because of the accompanying jazz music.

Картофена яхния по георгибойковски, Кармаре,
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Where is the latest Bulgarian progressive gourmet hit for 2019 in Sofia?-Part 2

Since I couldn’t write about Karmare restaurant briefly and concisely, the current story appears to be the second part of my review about them. In the first part, I explained what its name meant. I told about the first 5 courses out of 9 in total from the menu we tasted, about the restaurant, the team and the main composer of this progressive Bulgarian gourmet hit- Chef Georgy Boykovski.
If you know what the last 3 digits in the tel. number of the restaurant mean, you have good knowledge of Bulgarian history? Share it in the comments.

Pumpkin pie at Karmare, by Chef Georgy Boykovski,
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Where is the latest Bulgarian progressive gourmet hit for 2019 in Sofia?-Part 1

My last post for 2018 was dedicated to the place where I got inspired to write this blog-Chef’s. My first post in the new 2019 is dedicated to my new inspiration for this year- a unique place that in every way promotes Bulgarian tradition in cuisine, in design, in music. There every sense absorbs the best of Bulgaria, refracted through the visions of the wondrous team of passionately dedicated to their work people that creates hits on the plate.

Arwana themed dinners and brunches, Laguna Luxury Collection,
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Lavish and tasty, 2 in 1, Arwana and Banyubiru, the best of Laguna Luxury Collection, Nusa Dua, Bali

You're already in Bali, relaxing by the pool or on the beach in Nusa Dua (Nusa Dua) and you're wondering where to have dinner. You want something different from your hotel's restaurants. I have a great offer for you. In this review Razkzvam for the wonderful and extravagant themed evenings and brunches at Laguna Luxury Collection.