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See a review and a short film about a guest house, specially selected by placescases.com. Check-up the rating by the 5D Sensograph about experiences with agrotourism, ecotourism or just being welcomed to one’s house. It is based on the 5 human senses.

With the key location, the advantages of staying in the family hotel Das Landhaus Prägant Apartments are far from exhausted. The hotel has a large enough parking lot, a place to store skis, boots, and other winter equipment, and a bunch of other amenities.

To find out what else you can expect from the Das Landhaus Prägant Apartments, I recommend you continue reading the publication.

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Chateau Tour des Gendres, photo by placescases.com

See in this guide where you can taste wine in Bordeaux region and also where you can stay in Bergerac. There are also fine dining tips.

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