Constantinoff RestoBar after the second big opening of restaurants in pandemic times

Constantinoff RestoBar rating by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.9 out of 5.

March  2021


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Now you will say, “Well, this one goes to Constantinoff again and still writes about them!” Yes, that’s what happened. Some of my favorite places have not yet opened after it was allowed the establishments to work “in person” from March 1, 2021 (a word that we use more for the education of children, which is sometimes in person, sometimes online). And at Constantinoff RestoBar, two days before the opening, as I was strolling along Vitoshka Street in Sofia, I saw that the staff had already transformed the outside area from a food stall, as most restaurants had reformed, into comfortable dining areas, with its beautiful soft and comfortable chairs, completely clean and ready to welcome guests. It was open, i.e. it was with the windows open and ventilated, and somehow it invited you to come in and sit down, except that it couldn’t happen before March 1st.

So I waited for the first day off and went right there.

See ….

…. There were no seats, it was full of people, the restaurant was buzzing at full speed, as if it had never stopped working;

… .Only on the underground level there were places, and there we were greeted by a huge Bulgarian flag on the multimedia wall, on the occasion of the national holiday;

…. There was a lot of activity in the open kitchen – everyone was on the line, Sidonia and Svetla were buzzing like bees over the plates, between the stations, but unlike Hell’s Kitchen there were no shouts and screams, and everything was professionally accurate and measured in the movements of the whole team.

Sidonia Radeva is famous with her triumph in the first culinary show competition Lord of the Chefs, and Svetla from Hell’s Kitchen.

…. The dishes on the plates, as always, were immaculate, and against the black solid plates and trays stood like paintings..

Feel ….

… The whole staff wears masks, disinfectants are everywhere. They greet with “welcome” and show out with “have a nice day” not only the waiters, but also the people from the bar;

…. To the logical question, “which dishes contain freezed products?”, I was duly told that everything was fresh and they took care of it. See in the “Smell” category what the 5D Sensograph finds on this issue;

… Soap and toilet paper ran out in the toilet at one point and it wasn’t loaded while we were there. Apparently, the increased presence of customers surprised them and they could not react in time;

… One of the main dishes was delayed a lot because of one of the products in it, but we were compensated with a rich plate of desserts at the expense of the restaurant – 2 types of cake, caramel dessert with nuts and fruits, served very effectively with smoking dry ice in the middle. Everything was very tasty;

Once again, I had a demonstration of “The Experience Economy” in action, the theory of Joseph Pine and James Gilmore, which explains how hospitality business should organize their work to make customers remember their experience in a place and want to come back again and again. Service errors occur, the way the staff pulls-off apology is important, so that it does not leave a bad memory, but a pleasant feeling that he/she was respected and not just compensated, but rewarded.

…. …. A small note to the service when serving the dishes – to explain the food, because it is prepared with a lot of skill and knowledge, it is worth emphasizing it.

Similar desserts – masterpieces that have the form of one thing, and the taste is completely different, I tried only in Tams House and by Chef Boykovski, when he cooked in Karmare. Such technique is called mimicry. You can read about it, as well about other techniques in haute cuisine in Is gastronomy science or art?

 Hear ….

…. There is no doubt – Bulgarian music, in sync with the holiday;

…. The buzzing of the many visitors – finally a feeling of social communication and life.

Movie watching time: 1:45 min.

Smell ….

…. Everything smelled fresh and wonderful – my nose is a good radar, you can count on it;

… Aroma of freshness and cucumber in the Green Life cocktail. Last time I chose it again- I really like it and that’s why I repeat it.

…. More exotic aroma of Gentleman Sour – due to the bitters and angostura.

Taste ….

…. A sounding modest salad, but very tasty and different – tomatoes with ripe cheese and onions. This cheese ripens differently and this is felt;

…. The spinach salad with avocado and poached egg has an insanely appetizing look and I got great feedback on it;

…. Salmon trout with crispy crust – very tasty and tender tender fish, not only the crust is crispy, but also the young green bean pods. Very soft parsnip puree on the side and nice fine couscous;

…. All kinds of pizzas – the whole family are  fans. The restaurant has an oven and everything is well-made – from the dough to the fresh products on top. This time we tried Margarita and pizza with Spicy salami – delicious!

… This time I ordered dessert…

“The dark side of the moon – “drunken“ Morello with chocolate cream.” It looked like monochrome,  black and white, luxury jewelry, in the form of an oversized black Morello served under a glass lid. It was something like a chocolate shape, full of mascarpone inside, and the centerpiece was a frozen homemade sour cherry liquor, that mimicked the nut of the fruit. On the side – dark purple wild Morello ice cream on black Easter cakes. It was all glazed with something like sticky and stretchy, semi-liquid fondant, black in color and still very tasty. Very strong and impressive dessert!

How to get to restaurant Constantinoff Restobar?

Don’t worry about getting to restaurant Constantinoff Restobar in Sofia. Just use the Google map here by clicking on the red pin of its location and then select directions:

бул. „Витоша“ 31-33, 1000 Old City Center, София, България

A: 31-33, Vitosha blv, Sofia

T: +359 885 266 566

E: e-marketing@constantinoff-restobar.com

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11:00-02:00

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