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Costes Downtown, Budapest score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 5 out of 5.

May 2018


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In Budapest there is 1 restaurant with 2 Michelin stars and 3 with 1 star,  two of which are Costes. The first Michelin star in Budapest was awarded to the Costes, in 2008 under the leadership of Chef Miguel Rocha Vieira from Portugal. In 2015 a second gourmet restaurant appears as a more laid-back version of the first one, where you can even take your children. A year later it earned too a Michelin star, under the direction of Chef Tiago Sabarigo. It is situated on the territory of the impressive Prestige Hotel, which I would like to visit in one of my next trips to Hungary.

In short, the whole family fell in love with Costes Downtown  and more importantly, my kids (9 and 11y.o.) also liked the place very much , the food, and the staff attitude towards them was very good. So, visiting with children at a high-class gourmet restaurant is no longer mission impossible, thanks to such wonderful places as Costes Downtown, Budapest.

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See ….

…. The first thing that impresses immediately is the smiling hostess at the entrance, which greets the guests and accommodates them. All staff are young people who do not behave pompous and stiff, but are friendly, yet attentive and very smiling;

…. As soon as you log in you see the exclusive vertical garden, however the look does not end on the wall but continues to the ceiling. All this gives such freshness and relaxation in the atmosphere that there is no way for a person to feel sintered, tense, anxious, as often happens in everyday life. Why is this so important, read below in this reveiw;

…. Then it becomes clear that the whole interior is subordinate to the idea of feeling at home- shelves with books, modern paintings, wooden panelling;

…. Open kitchen and right in front of it a large table, for all fans of the restaurant who want to be specially surprised by Chef Sabarigo;

…. I can’t help but mention the great presentation on the plates and it should be like that in a restaurant of this caliber.

Feel ….

…. The restaurant has a sommelier, which specifically takes care to recommend the best wine as a combination for the selected dishes- admiration for this attention to this very important detail;

…. Friendly attitude and warmth in service – both by the waiters and the sommelier’s side;

…. With the first compliment we were offered crunchy  wheat crackers– white and black, accompanied by a gentle aubergine mousse with red pepper. The sommelier offered us to combine this playful starter with unique bubble sensation- a sparkling Hungarian wine for parents, Kreinbacher Brut Rose 2015, made by traditional method, as in Champagne , homemade lemonade with bubbles for the children 😊;

…. Extremely lean, exactly on the standard prepared salmon, surrounded by crispy asparagus, crunchy pop- buckwheat and tender avocado mousse.

Hear ….

…. Light Retro Jazz– piano, bass, drum, which did not dominate, but stood as a backdrop;

…. It was full of people for lunch, but there was no noise, because despite the high ceilings, the paneling and the greenery are breaking the sharp decibels- you can feel the happiness, freshness and pleasure of the visitors unobtrusively.

Smell …

…. With the fresh homemade bread  came unique smelling goose butter with grilled onions, as well as chervil butter, i.e. butter with tarragon.

…. Hungarian wines have rich in complex aroma- the dry ones have predominantly mineral notes, probably coming from loess, volcanic and limestone soils and old vines, the sweet ones bring light aromas of rose and tropical fruits.

 Taste ….

…. Sweet potato cream soup with chili and coconut, and pieces of tropical fruit- impressive in appearance and very delicious!;

…. Extremely interesting appetizer, slow cooked egg yolk on carbonara sauce, mushroom, crispy rye bread crumbs.  Extremely extraordinary carbonara, made of cream, parmigiano and egg whitw, covered with bacon of Mangalica (a local pig breed) on a very thin, transparent sheet, slightly treated thermally, so that it does not acquire a tinge!!! It’s genius!;

…. In the desserts you will find wonderful textures– liquid chocolate and such of chocolate rasping, rhubarb, marinated in sugar, elder jelly, sorbet, and finally you have as a compliment handmade candies, served uniquely;

…. To desserts mandatory add sweet Hungarian wine Aszu or Szamorodni.

It was one of the nicest family lunches we’ve had in the last year. We made a preliminary reservation through the website of the restaurant. And the next day, after a pleasant morning walk in beautiful Budapest, we had this relaxing lunch in the Costes Downtown, in an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere, which is very important for a good appetite and digestion. If there is loud music in a place, screaming red colors, very bright light, all these stimuls provoke the sympathetic nervous system, which accelerates the cardiac activity, narrows the blood vessels, increases blood pressure, reduces the formation of digestive juices, lowers peristalsis of the stomach and intestines. When we are in a restaurant or spa, we need to trigger its opposite sister-parasympathetic nervous system, which provides the processes of restoring the body, lowers the activity of the heart, extends the vessels in the internal organs and activates digestive functions. Explained so scientifically, I emphasize once again on the fact that in Costes Downtown in Budapest has achieved perfect balance of the atmosphere, which predispose the body in the best way for a pleasant, relaxing gourmet experience. If we stick to the principles of the experience economy [1], the visit there is memorable not just with the food and drinks but as a complete experience, a celebration of the senses.

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How to get to Costes Downtown in Budapest?

A: Budapest, Hotel Prestige, entrance by street Széchenyi István tér

T: + 36 1 920 1015

E: reservation@costesdowntown.hu

Working hours:

Breakfast: 06:30-10:30

Lunch: 12:00-15:00

Dinner: 18:00-23:00

To get to Costes Downtown, Budapest, use the map by pressing on the red pin  and then selecting directions:

Budapest, Vigyázó Ferenc u. 5, 1051 Унгария

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[1] Concept created by B. Joseph Pine II, James H. Gilmore

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