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Last visit with friends in May 2016

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…. Interesting interiorchairs with leather upholstery in American urban style;

…. 2 halls – at 0 and -1 level – in one and the same style;

…. Wine list,  arranged in a smart way, with several price categories and the respective wine bottles listed under them, while all wine types are distributed initially per type- sparkled, dessert, white, rose, red and small bottles, several types, which I liked very much;

….. No beer in any of the lists given to us – we thought that there is not such offer, but fortunately the place was offering beer.


….  A little indifferent attitude of the waiter, as if he was physically there but mentally somewhere else, as if he did not enjoy his work and wanted his shift to finish as soon as possible.


…. Spanish music played on acoustic guitar– very pleasant.

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…. BBQ smell– as expected, since this is the main food there.


…. Steaks, burgers, salads, starters, 3 desserts;

…. Beef tongue with Calvados  – not very delicious, unattractive, the only virtue was the Calvados sauce and the finely chopped apple in it as an accent in the plate.

…. Ribeye steak, cut uneven in an irregular shape, thin at one end, thick at the other. The meat was tasty but quite bungled and with the changing thickness they could not execute my requirement medium to well done roasted;

…. Ribs with too  sweet sauce  and unimpressive;

…. Chips, which unfortunately was not crispy due to oil not absorbed with soft paper;

…. Salad with roasted pepper, tomato and pesto – looking good but not delicious enough, maybe because the products in it were not tasty enough;

…. Dessert Crystalit represents a chocolate ball, filled with ice cream, melted with hot caramel sauce, made good and the best of this dinner.

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I went with great expectations to Crystal Steak House and I liked it from the entrance because of the nice interior. It was looking very interesting – from the chairs to the menu list. I ordered a salad, a starter, main course and a dessert. American red wine Bonterra Zinfandel 2010 was my choice of drink, which was good as expected. However, there was something off- taste with the food. Like it was missing inspiration and a similar opinion was shared by my friends.

La carte offers ribeye steaks from Bulgaria, Argentina and Australia, the latter costing EUR 7.5 per 100 gr., taking into consideration that one steak is approximately 300 gr. However, the Bulgarian steak version was missing.

Many of the visitors were foreigners. The location of the place is good, however if I have to visit the area or recommend to someone a good BBQ place I would not choose this one.

If you are a very big fan of BBQ and want to explore all places of the kind in Sofia, you are supposed to visit Crystal Steak House but you may not like the food there. I would NOT visit it again, due to dull food and service.

Address: 14 Aksakov str, Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 885 111 180

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