I love you rice drawing at Edo Sushi & Teppanyaki by placescases.com


Last visit April 2015, with friends

See: the minimalist interior design

Smell: the exotic fumes of teppanyaki meals

Taste: sake, western style fois gra uramaki sushi, the seared tuna, anything by your taste from the teppanyaki menu, the Lindt chocolate cake

Experience: the live show of the teppanyaki master and don’t be afraid if eggs are flying towards you, it’s part of the show (but stay away from flying knives)  🙂

If you like sushi very much and you feel that you need to explore further the Japanese cuisine, you should try teppanyaki.

There is one in the center of Sofia named EDO SUCHI & TEPPANYAKI.

To experience teppanyaki, you have to book places around the large iron plate, called teppan. You will have not only a healthy and very delicious yaki (grilled,pan fried) food but also a show, combining juggling, sketches, rice drawing on the teppan, flame explosions and other tricks that the teppanyaki master can think off.

Any meal from the teppan is a winning shot. To assist the choice of the customers, the chef has designed set menus, which include a combination of 2 types of meat or fish and rice with vegetables.

Besides the teppanyaki, I took a certain type of sushi that initially seemed to me too much of an experiment- fois gra uramaki with figs. But immediately after the first roll  I felt that it’s a masterpiece and it just deserves vigorous applause!

If you already decided to visit the place, save space for a dessert. I strongly recommend the chocolate cake. It made me feel as if I had a birthday surprise. So tender chocolate cream and nothing else to spoil my celebration! My friends praised also the cheese cake, so if you are not so much into chocolate you have an opt out.

Only one thing spoiled my perfect impressions from the place. On the way to the rest room, there was a spot which I suppose was something like an elevator for sushi plates. A dirty plate was left there with remains from someone’s meal. It made an impression of untidiness and sloppy attitude to their own work. Such a small omission with such an impact. It was the perfect taste of the meal that made me forget this hygiene failure.

Anyway I would definitely give them second chance, since this place offers really good Asian food.

Address: 96, Georgi Rakovski, str., Sofia, Bulgaria, across from the Military Club

Tel. 087 892 0100

Web address:  http://edosushi.bg/


Asian style at Edo Sushi & Teppanyaki, Sofia, Bulgaria by placescases.com Minimalist interior design at Edo Sushi & Teppanyaki, Sofia, Bulgaria by placescases.com Sea bass, shrimps and vegetable rice at Edo Sushi & Teppanyaki, Sofia, Bulgaria by placescases.com Teppanyaki Chef moves fast at Edo Sushi & Teppanyaki in Sofia, Bulgaria by placescases.com The wine rack at Edo Sushi & Teppanyaki by placescases.comVarious meat choices for the teppanyaki at Edo Suchi & Teppanyaki by placescases.com The teppanyaki Chef at Edo Sushi & Teppanyaki by placescases.com  Teppan before cooking at Edo Sushi & Teppanyaki by placescases.com

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