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Reviewed  9 March 2015, last visited March 2015,  friends and family

See: how the dedicated master bakers prepare bread in an old authentic way from whole-wheat grain, grinded with stones, made with leaven, preserving all beneficial to our health ingredients

Smell: the aroma of fresh baked bread; the exotic, well combined seasoning in the dishes

Taste: extremely delicious vegetarian and vegan meal, all made with natural ingredients

Experience: service by smiling people, skilfully preparing and serving Arabic, Indian, Moroccan, traditional Bulgarian cuisine

I came upon this interesting concept of bread and food preparation some time ago, when I passed by SUN MOON bakery on a street in the centre of Sofia, close to the pedestrian Vitoshka str (look for addresses at the end of the review).

When I entered the bakery I was embraced by a fascinating aroma of fresh baked bread and exotic herbs. There was a young guy who was kneading dough who smiled and greeted me. The production of his joyous work was clearly visible, since just in front of me was displayed a variety of fresh baked untraditionally looking bread loafs. Apart from them the shop was offering cookies, small flat loaves with cheese, baked and raw sweets vegan style, fresh made lemonade, ayraan and many other tempting things. My mouth got wet and I bought 3 or 4 types of bread. There was rye, spelt, kamut, buckwheat, carob bread with olives, dry tomatoes and various seeds, so I hardly succeeded to choose. They all looked so delicious!

Sun and Moon6

I noticed that there are several tables and a menu for the day. I was determined to visit them again for a meal.

Sun and Moon 5 Sun and Moon 4

Next time when I called on them, I stayed for  lunch. The menu is very interesting, combining various types cuisine, consisting of home-made vegetarian and vegan dishes.  All ingredients are organic and natural. For example, the only sweeteners that are used are dry fruits, honey, brown sugar and agave syrup.

Sun and Moon 3

When I write this now, my mouth is watering. 🙂 I just cannot help thinking of  visiting them soon for dining!

And if you are already interested, the address of the restaurants and the shops are:

Restaurant: 39, 6th September str;

Restaurant: the corner of Tsar Asen str and Shandor Petyofi str.

Restaurant and shop: 18B,Gladstone str. (the one that is close to Vitoshka str)

Shop: 1, Yurii Venelin str.- Inke Tinke



There is also an online shop.

Healthy food can be really delicious! If you don’t believe so, go to SUN MOON. The place is worth your case.

Sun and Moon 1

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