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Last visit with family in October 2017.

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5D score: 3.8 out of 5.


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…. Friendly urban interior, modest tables in the small garden;

…. Nora Ampova’s paintings of animals on the walls;

…. Impressive twists of traditional dishes and cocktails in the menu.



…. Slow and confused waiter- unfortunately it’s the case every time I visit them.



…. Couldn’t hear any music.


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…. Wonderful typical for eastern cuisine smell of my soup and an expected nice savour of my main dish, while very unpleasant smell of the other dish I tried.


…. Very good red lentils cream soup, Indian style;

…. Really tasty Non-shopski giyvetch (Shopski giyvetch is a traditional Bulgarian meal cooked in pottery, made of cheese, egg, meat and some vegetables) with home-made sazdarma (delicacy made of cooked beef with spices and some fat, served cold);

.… Mediocre taste of pork chop- didn’t smell good and lacked personality;

…. The signature for the place,Belgian chocolate dessert, served with salt and alcohol soaked raisins- very delicious.


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It is not my first visit at Happy Pig. It is famous with its wonderful cocktails and twisted traditional dishes. The menu is changing at least once a season, therefore they can always surprise you with new and interesting dishes and drinks.

The thing is that, service is sloppy. Waiters forget the orders, confuse them and are quite slow- they do good monitoring on the tables they serve and you have to put much efforts to attract their attention.

No matter how poor the service, I persist in my efforts to test the new dishes and cocktails of Happy Pig every time they change it,  since I always expect interesting surprises .

Address: Sofia, 17 Tsarigradsko shose blvd.

Tel: + 359 87 877 8446

Open hours: 10:00- 00:30 ч


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