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Hotel Mamaison Andrassy, Budapest score by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 5 out of 5.

May 2018


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See ….

…. Ambassador Suite – a large and very comfortable apartment with a small balcony, two rooms, bathroom and a separate toilet;

…. The neighbourhood in which the Hotel Mamaison Andrassy is located, is calm, it has only residences and embassies, the hotel itself was a residence once, very pleasant, close to the Heros’ Square and the big city park.


Feel ….

…. Helpful staff, at the hotel and restaurant La Perle Noire;

…. Very convenient hotel parking;

…. Jacuzzi bubbles in the bathroom;

…. Crunchy bacon at breakfast- just like we prefer it!


Hear ….

…. The restaurant has live jazz in the evening – it’s very nice.



Smell ….

…. The aroma of fresh, very tasty fillets and other cold cuts at breakfast;

…. The aromas of Hungarian wines are impressive and I highly recommended to try at least one at the restaurant of the hotel – the selection is very good.


Taste ….

…. I’ve already mentioned the delicious, fresh cold cuts- you may say, “Well, what the hell, some cold cuts!”. Read more below in the text to understand why, I pay attention to cold cuts when I like them and why exactly their smell is a yardstick;

…. Nice crispy bacon at breakfast, just the way I like it. My kids were trying to eat all the served quantity , so they loved it.

…. Be sure to try the sweet wines of Hungary-Aszu and Szamorodni as Digestive, or instead of liquor for afternoon coffee.

Hotel Mamaison Andrassy rating in booking.com is 9.2. It brings the luxury and space of socialist-residences from past times and adds contemporary stylish interior. Our apartment was spacious and comfortable, the whole family liked it. The neighborhood is very beautiful and quiet, despite the proximity of boulevard Andrássy or as they say The Champs Élysées of Budapest, and is in walking distance (15-20 min.) from the center with cultural life. The metro can also be used for 1 stop to the center. 5 minutes away is the square of Heroes and the Millennium Monument, where you will find huge statues of important for Hungary figures. From this monument begins a very nice park, which has an old palace, currently a ministry. In the park there is also a large public spa with swimming pools, but we didn’t have time for them.

The service at the hotel is very good, we have received assistance in all matters.

You can buy from the reception tickets for tours with a two-story bus in Budapest , but I would advise the guests to go to the stop directly (it is at the Heros’ square) and to choose a company which buses stop at a higher frequency because the one offered at the hotel was at a rare interval and quite a lot of audio guides  were broken.

Breakfast at the Mamaison Andrassy is quite good, and the cold cuts are very tasty and fresh. Why do I keep paying attention to this matter? Because I have a very thin sense of smell, and in pork meat  I always catch the smell of androsterone and scatole. What do these mean? The answer is in my article WHY PORK CHOPS CAN SMELL UNPLEASANT?   That is the reason to feel immediately the unpleasant notes in even a slightly stale ham or sausage and I try it only if it looks appetizing, fresh and not greasy. For this purpose the room temperature  must be suitable and it must be liked, taken by customers and refilled on the plates, in order not to stagnate and get oily. So, this is a very good criteria for the breakfast quality.

We wanted specially to stay one evening in the hotel restaurant La Perle Noire, but we did not have time because of our intensive cultural life. 🙂 However, we had the opportunity to drink cocktails and digestives late in the evening in the garden, amid light jazz music, performed live. It was beautiful!

Next time we will dedicate an evening specially to the Black Pearl (La Perle Noire).

We will come back at Hotel Mamaison Andrassy, Budapest and we are looking forward!

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To get to hotel Hotel Mamaison Andrassy, Budapest, use the map hit the red pin  and then tap directions:

Budapest, Andrássy út 111, 1063 Унгария

A: Andrássy út 111, H-1063 Budapest, Hungary

T: + 36 1 462 2100

E: reservations.andrassy@mamaison.com

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