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Rated for Hotel Yastrebets Wellness & SPA by the 5D Sensograph of placescases.com: 4.3 of 5.

Last visit in February 2018, annually visited place.

 Seen                                                                                             4.5 Hearts from 5d Senzografa of placescases.com/4.5 Big Hearts by the 5d Sensogrpah of placescases.com            

Felt                                                                                               3 Hearts from the 5d Senzografa of placescases.com/3 hearts by the 5d Sensograph of placescases.com

Heard or more precisely NOT heard                                        4.5 Hearts from 5d Senzografa of placescases.com/4.5 Big Hearts by the 5d Sensogrpah of placescases.com    

Smelled                                                                                        4.5 Hearts from 5d Senzografa of placescases.com/4.5 Big Hearts by the 5d Sensogrpah of placescases.com      

Tasted                                                                                          5 hearts from the 5d Senzografa of placescases.com/5 hearts by the 5d Sensograph of placescases.com


For many years now I regularly visit Hotel Yastrebets Wellness and SPA at, Borovets, and I have already written a lot about it. This time in my article I will focus on the novelties. For all that stays the same in the years you can check my previous articles here and here. 


See ….

…. The abundance of natural flowers and real orchids in the lobby bar and the restaurant– if only they weren’t combined here and there with artificial ones;

…. The small apartment 407 shower cabin is solid and not with a curtain as it was in 308- I hope this change to cover all the small apartments;

…. New meals in the menu, changes in the staff in the restaurant and bar, new ski teachers.


Feel ….

…. The problem with ordering in the restaurant  ordinary tap water in a jar is still a sick topic- I was directly refused to be given tap water in the restaurant, although it is very good for drinking, it is unacceptable and I doubt that the restaurant will lose so much from its profit providing now and then tap water to the customers;

…. The lack of small wine bottles and a variety of offers of wine by glass – before there were small bottles, now no longer, the wine by glass is only one kind of red and one of white,  which are bottled in Italy with the brand of the hotel.

I think the restaurant can quite comfortably invest in equipment for offering wine by glass, without pulling out the cork and without oxidiation, so that guests can enjoy the rich wine list.

…. The wonderful massages and SPA treatments, the various types of saunas and steam baths;

…. The great ski teachers, the service in the ski wardrobe too, my children are big fans of the whole Snow Boutique team.



Hear ….

…. I feel that the music in the restaurants, the bar and the SPA does not change over the years, but it is not a problem because I like it;

…. Unfortunately the music which could be heard on the ski run is not longer played-  before it was very nice with the dynamic rhythm of house music outside]

…. Nobody explains what is served in the plates, except for a single waiter, who had tried to learn to present the food properly- all the other waiters were not prepared to answer my questions and asked in the kitchen for more info. It is absolutely necessary, if a special meal is prepared, in a gourmet style to be both visually and verbally well presented!!!


Smell ….

…. A little stronger than the well-balanced smoke in the veal ribs with the scent of smoked cherries and sticks of polenta.


 Taste ….

…. I am very glad that the restaurant continues to offer cooked dishes at lunch- soup and cooked stew different every day;

…. The variety of breakfast is increased in favour of more cheeses, fish and charcuterie, and there is also an orange juice – great!!!;

New dishes in the restaurant  menu and I recommend:

…. Leaf salad with the Hokkaido squash- definitely worth trying it, with marinated pumpkin and pumpkin seeds;

 …. Veal tongue with mustard-mushroom mousse, sweet chili-yummy, I loved it;

…. Veal ribs, served under a hood, with cherry smoke under it- very tasty, laid on a bed of polenta sticks, with a splash of slightly sweet sauce, marinated before the preparation with aromatic herbs, but unfortunately the smoke intrudes and kills other fragrances;

…. The mish-mash – close to the traditional recipe only by the ingredients, made as a mash of finely chopped vegetables, top sealed with sauce hollandaise, which has smoked cheese stirred in, garnished with cheese mousse and it is very tasty if you one does not mind the intrusive smell of smoke;

“Decrease the smoke, guys! It is too strong and spoils the good meal!”

…. In the category of desserts there is a new, quite interesting one, herbal mousse with tomato jam- the mousse is from yoghurt or at least so says the menu description, the jam is really interesting and is wonderfully combined with some green plant, which no one from the staff tells me what it is; however one interesting element, which was included in the description was missing- the cheese cream bonbon; I consider this a great discrepancy between good ideas and poor performance;

… Another interesting dessert is the revane- a cake soaked , soaked in syrup of roses, sealed with almonds on top, garnished with ice cream with strawberry chunks, however….. Just like in the above dessert was missing something from the description, here was missing the Cotton candy.

I there is no need to comment on how something that is described in the menu of a dish needs to be present on the plate, especially for a restaurant that claims high reputation.

Again I suspect that someone is preparing the recipes, and another person is cooking them in the kitchen.

People, hold the quality, please!!!

Enough with the criticism.

Time to praise! The staff is very polite-from reception, through managers, to house keeping. Ski teachers are great! There are new additions among them and they are very good!

There are new treatments in the SPA, so apart from the good masseurs and great steam baths, there are new things to make you happy. They installed the so-called crystal bed. Through the  natural Crystals brought from Brazil, passes light in different colors right to the energy centers-the chakras, while you lie blissfully on a bed with a blindfold. If you experience tickling, light weight, tingling along the long axis of the body, the crystals work.

In the pool, there is this wall covered with true moss. This is the so called MOSS design. It is very sturdy and does not require maintenance-no watering, pruning and others. I’ve seen it in other places and in different colors. You can form a name, a logo, whatever you want. A great natural element for any indoor premises, including offices.

I decided that the SPA complex and the swimming pool deserve better presentation and for that I made this video.



Please note that children are not allowed in the spa area with hot bathrooms.

If I have intrigued you with my description of Hotel Yastrebets Wellness & SPA, just write in the booking.com search box your vacation dates and book, keeping all your genius bonuses there. It’s just that simple!


If you need to navigate to  hotel Yastrebets in Borovetsl, use the Google Maps box by clicking on the red Pin and then clicking Directions:

2010 Боровец, България


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