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Last time visited in August 2015 with friends and family

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See…  the sea view to the Black Sea, the emotional show of Alfredo Torres and his ballet

Smell… the sea air

Taste… pink tomatoes salad, mussels with cream, fish soup

Feel and Experience… the vibes of Cuban music and dances

Hear… the fast rhythm of salsa which makes you move in it, the voices of the Cuban singers, singing pop Caribbean and world hits.

The first impression of a place starts with the contact on the phone when you call to book a table. My first communication with La Cubanita En El Mar at Sveti Vlas was exactly as per my expectation. A voice of a kind, smiling lady (you can always tell when you speak to smiling person on the phone) assured me that she will do her best to arrange a table, exactly as per our demands, for 11 adults and 5 children next to the sand of the beach and that she is looking forward to hosting our group. Believe me it wasn’t because there was lack of customers. It was Friday night and everybody in the area was willing to attend Alfred Torres’ show, being a big star in Bulgaria ever since his participation in Dancing Stars TV show.

The staff of the place is really kind and it was obvious on spot. Things were going quite as per our expectations in the beginning. The food was delicious, the dishes arrived fast. This was the case until the dark fell. Gradually our table became very obscure and we could hardly see what we were eating. There was a lamp nearby which was not working. It was like in those modern gourmet restaurants where you dine in complete darkness in order to fully feel the taste of the food.

I had salad with pink tomatoes- very delicious, good Bulgarian tomatoes. I had mussels with creamy souse. Those were really fantastic! I tasted the fish soup and it was the best fish soup which I ate in the area. Rich with sea fruit and herbs it smelled and tasted wonderfully.

There was also a rich choice of cocktails, I cannot imagine Cuban bar and dinner without Mojito and Cuba Libre, as well as nargile option.

Unfortunately with the increasing inflow of customers the waiters were less and less attending us, empty dishes not taken away, new orders taken with much beckoning. Although we started to be impatient and fussy, the staff remained kind and we did not grouch very much.

The long expected show started at 11 pm. Alfredo rushed the scene under the passionate rhythm of salsa and grabbed everyone’s attention with his unique dance mastery. All children wanted to be close to him enchanted by his performance. The ballet and the singers were also attractive. They sang Caribbean and world hits in Spanish. We were carried away to Cuba on the wings of music, colors and rhythm.

We didn’t want to leave. The evening was so young and we wanted to dance all night long. However, children had to go to bed and we sacrificed the party for our responsible conduct.

We all decided that we will catch up with La Cubanita in Sofia, leaving the children with babysitters at home, and dance all night out. I can’t wait to taste again the mussels with creamy souse. Yummy!

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Address: Sveti Vlas, central beach

Tel: +359 876 35 62 16 & +359 876 35 62 26

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